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7th Annual Quality Conference on “GLocal Challenges: Excellence through Quality and Innovation”

The 7th Annual Quality Conference jointly organized by ASQ LMC Ahmedabad and Institute of Management, Nirma University took place on the 18th and 19th of November, 2017. The theme for the conference this year was “GLocal Challenges: Excellence through Quality and Innovation”.

The welcome address for the conference was delivered by Dr. Himanshu Trivedi, Chair ASQ Ahmedabad LMC where he reflected upon the theme for the conference.  Mr. Anup Singh, Director General of Nirma University next presided over the session. He talked about how for the last 7 years, association between ASQ LMC and IMNU has strengthened. He also pondered upon how ASQ LMC has been working since all these years to work for the betterment of the society over all these years.

Mr. Mirkhushal Aga, Director, ASQ, South Asia started with talking about LMC Ahmedabad and its achievements. Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Chair-ASQ QMD NextGen carried forward the session by talking about the challenges related to the Engineering graduates in India. She manifested her concern on how out of 1.5 million graduates, 80% are unemployable because of the lack of industrial, professional and practical skills. She then talked about “Make in India” and the challenges associated with it.

Mr. Hans Bangert, Managing Director, Bosch Rexroth (India) Private Ltd. talked about “Glocalisation in a VUCA world.” He distinguished between localization and glocalization in a subtle way. He went on to talk about the Bosch model of leadership which talks about having a clear purpose for business and working passionately to make it a success.

The Chief Guest for the session was Mr. Abhishek Jain, Film Maker, Founder- CineMan Production Ltd. He presented his thoughts about the organized chaos. He also talked about the concerns associated with the film industry: human resource management and judgement of quantitative parameters being the major ones.


The inauguration of the book, “GLocal Challenges: Excellence through Quality and Innovation.” authored by Dr. Rajesh Jain and Dr. Himanshu Trivedi also took place at this event. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jain, Vice Chair, ASQ LMC Ahmedabad and a prominent faculty at IMNU, delivered the vote of thanks to conclude the session.

Post this session, Industry visits were planned to companies like Bosch Rexroth, Ford India, Havmor, Coca Cola etc. After the industry visits, there was a panel discussion on “GLocal Challenges.” The panellists were: Mr. Anil Patel, Mr. Chetan Kothari, Dr. Himanshu Trivedi, Prof. (Dr.) Mallikarjun, Mr. Mirkhushal Aga, Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh K Jain (Moderator).

Day 1 concluded with Expert Talk for Executives on the topic “Essentials to Succeed with and Sustain Organizational Exellence” with Mr. Madhu Madhavan, Managing Director, Cubic Computing Pvt. Ltd. Expert Talk for Students was scheduled with Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Chair ASQ QMD NextGen.

IMG_8222 (1).JPG

Day-2 began with a lot of promise and enthusiasm among the participants and speakers. The Opening lecture of the session was delivered by Mr. Mirkhushal Aga, Director, ASQ, South Asia on the topic “Reliability Engineering Overview”. He shared his views on what makes a product reliable and how they differ from unreliable products and need for reliability.

The Second Speaker of the Session was Mr. Anil Patel, Plant Manager, Sanand Engine Plant, Ford India Pvt. Ltd. who spoke about Zero Defect manufacturing and Higher Productivity. He stressed on the fact that Quality is the main aspect that the manufacturers have to keep in mind while forming a product strategy. He also stated that creativity and actions are the two main aspects of innovation.

The last speaker of the morning session was Mr. Vikas Chawda, Innovation Expert and Founder & CEO-Quantum Leap. He was of the thought that innovation is all about converting ideas into voices. He classified that 50% of the customer buying behavior depends on their expectations, 34% based on products and rest on pricing. Finally he concluded by saying that, “Speed is the Key. How quickly you bring product in the market, how quickly you innovate, will determine your success”.

Post this session, there were 10 technical sessions wherein speakers from prominent industries like HDFC, Ford India, Bosch ltd etc. presented papers on various topics on Quality Management and GLocalisation.

Finally Mr. Sachin Garg, Head Strategy, Business Excellence and Technology Training Group, Tata Housing Development Company Limited delivered his address. Following which ASQ Fellow Dr. Himanshu M Trivedi, ASQ LMC Faculty Resource Speakers, Sponsors and Association Partners GC members were felicitated. After the felicitation, certificates were distributed to volunteers of the conference and prizes were distributed to the best paper presented during the conference.

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Dr. Himanshu M Trivedi delivered the vote of thanks at the end of the 2 day conference.With this ASQ conference came to any end, with the student fraternity benefiting from the key discussions that the speakers made on importance of quality and innovation.

This article is contributed by The Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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