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Clique-The IT club of IMNU organised its first event of the current academic year- IGNUS 2.0 on 13th November, 2017 at IMNU. It was a team event with every team consisting of 3 members.

As part of the first round, an online quiz was held on 11th November, 2017. It was a 10-minute quiz based on information technology and its current trends. Only 10 teams were shortlisted for the final round. The final round ‘Dare to Analyze’, was a case study based round in which all the 10 teams were required to analyse and work on the case ‘Bod’s Gym’. After analyzing the case for one hour, the teams were told to present the case through poster presentations.


Team ‘Winners of IGNUS 2.0’ consisting of members Sumeet Khabiya, Ayush Agarwal, Pranav Arora emerged as the winners and Team ‘Peace Frog’ of  Kaushal Kotak, Soumya Bakshi and Rohit Bhat, secured the runner-up position. Prof. Gaurav Mishra judged the final round and graced the event with his presence. The event saw enthusiastic participation and was a success.

This article is contributed by Rohit Bhat-

Media Committee, IMNU

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