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Alumni Day 2017 #THEHOMECOMING

THE HOMECOMING being the name and the Knights of the Sea being the theme, Kaizen Committee of IMNU along with the subcommittees created an event that was indeed remarkable.

The event served a plethora of memories to the alumni who ‘Anchored their Ships’ to the grounds of IMNU. Alumni from the first batch of IMNU came to the campus and many more from different batches over the past years. The day was filled with a variety of activities and events, both formal and informal. The day began with the registration, following which some of the Alumni interacted with the students and shared their day to day experiences in the corporate world and more importantly their nostalgia about the college and hostel life. One thing that can be said for sure is that there were mixed emotions flowing everywhere.


Some of the Senior Alumni’s sat with the faculty for a Curriculum Review Session which was followed by an interactive session, ‘Expert Se Pooch’ where the Alumni’s interacted with the students.

Expert Se Pooch:

The speakers for the session of ‘Expert Se Pooch’ were Mr. Sameer Dwivedi, IndusInd Bank; Mr. Nishith Modi, Karnavati Chemicals; Mr. Anil Pansari, Pansari Palace & Resorts; Mr. Vaibhav Kathju, CIBIL Ltd. and Mr. Sapan Oza, Tata Consultancy Services Limited. The session began with the speakers encouraging the students to ask questions regarding jobs, job switching and to seek direction for entering into a job for the first time. They spoke about the different sectors such as Banking, FMCG and Manufacturing.

They moved on to talk about the importance of having a good network and networking skills. They also mentioned that students nowadays constantly need to stay updated with regards to the news and focused on the importance of reading newspapers. They also mentioned that students need to develop their soft skills while going for interviews. Mr. Vaibhav Kathju spoke about the importance of a field job in the initial years of one’s career and how it helps in shaping one up and gain different types of experience. Mr. Anil Pansari, being an entrepreneur spoke about entrepreneurship and emphasized a lot on the fact that students should aim at becoming entrepreneurs. Mr. Sapan Oza, added that it is not that easy to do so. He said that, “Out of 200 aspiring entrepreneurs, only a small amount of 5 are able to succeed.”


The speaker’s unanimously answered questions from the students and added points such as:

  • Always focus on the work or profile and not the brand or the pay, in the initial years of a career.
  • Job Switching is not feasible in the short run. “A short duration does not mean 3 to 6 months, but at least a few years”, they added.
  • When talking about the different sectors, they emphasized on the fact that one should not change sectors unless absolutely necessary.
  • They also mentioned that students should identify the sectors they want to go to before companies come for placement

They also shared their personal experiences in the industry and spoke highly of other Alumni’s. The session ended with a Vote of Thanks to the speakers.

A General Body Meeting was then held with the Alumni, Dr. Mallikarjun, Director of IMNU, Prof. Harismita Trivedi, Dr. Parag Rijwani, Dr. Shahir Bhatt and the faculty body.

The Drum Circle:

To make the evening refreshing and soul-nourishing, The Drum Circle Company was invited to the campus to create an exhilarating and stress busting environment for the ‘Knights of the Sea’ and all the faculty and students present.


Auditorium Session:

The auditorium session of Alumni Day ’17 started with the Saraswati Vandana and lamp-lighting, living up to the culture of IMNU.


The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Head of Corporate Centre at Larsen and Toubro, who was welcomed by Dr. M Mallikarjun, Director, IMNU and Prof. Harismita Trivedi, Head of Corporate Relations Centre, IMNU.

Dr. Joshipura then took over to deliver his speech on the theme, “Global Development Trajectory- Post War.” He began with the fact that the current scenario works under a different reality than earlier. The development of human race occurs in spurts. “The pace of development of the Human race is unfathomed.” He pointed out that the development today is based on various events of Technology Disruption and how more and more investments are going into the R & D departments of companies. Linking this to the entrepreneurship culture he added, “Start-ups are the hot plate for development. Mr. Joshipura insisted on the fact that in pursuit of development, “Risk is not a constraint.”



Concluding his speech he emphasized on the fact that post-war, the development scenario and conditions have evolved and are evolving continuously.

Further, the night had a lot of entertainment in the form of an adorable dance performance by the kids of Saral Foundation, an NGO in which IMNU students volunteer and partake enthusiastically.

Chehre, the Dramatics Club of IMNU presented a play based on the complexity of emotions in a young man’s life under the influence of love. The play was applauded with a standing ovation from the audience, which showed that the play and the theme kept them captivated by the rich performance.

Music and Dance performances of prime quality were given by Club Fiesta which pumped the adrenaline through the audience.

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The Kaizen Committee concluded the session by thanking the sub committees and the audience for their support. A Vote of Thanks was given to the Alumni for gracing us with their presence.

To truly conclude the day of homecoming on a high note, there was a DJ night organized in the back lawn of IMNU where the students mingled with the Alumni in a blissful environment and bid their farewells to these ‘Knights’ who had to sail off in the dead of the night.

This annual event was indeed the highlight of the last quarter of the year, 2017.

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra, Abhishek Punwani & Srishti Bhuwania-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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