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ANVESHAN 5.0 – The Ultimate IMNU Quiz

“Xquizit – The Quiz Club of IMNU”, successfully organized their first event of the session, a quiz event, “Anveshan – 5.0”.  The first round was an online round in which almost 100 teams registered and 50 teams were selected for the final round. The final round took place on 9th November, 2017


The final round:

1st Round was a written round, in which each team had to solve 10 questions in 15 minutes. The questions tested the participant’s General Knowledge and Current affair’s awareness. Only 16 teams qualified for the second round.

2nd Round was a rapid fire round, in which 40 seconds were allotted to each team. Each team was supposed to answer as many questions as possible within the given amount of time. There were 10 marks for each right answer and -5 for each wrong answer. It was an interesting round since each team had to choose between answering maximum numbers of questions or answering less questions correctly by spending time on each questions thrown at them. Out of 16 teams, 8 teams qualified for the ultimate final round.

The final round was a pouncing round, where in a total of 24 questions were asked in sets of 3. The question was asked to one team, while the rest of the team were eligible to pounce. The question if not answered by the team, was passed on to the next team who did not participate in pouncing. There were -10 points for incorrect pouncing, and +10 for correct pouncing.  The team, to which the question was asked, was eligible to grab +10 points and no negative points. Similarly the team to which the question was passed were to get +10 for correct and -5 for an incorrect answer. The questions were General and covered all domains. The teams mixed aggression with caution as they tried to minimize the negative marks that were in the store for them. After a long brainstorming, excitement and tension, 3 teams stood out and were declared as the winners.


The 3 winning teams are:

1st : Madhav Gandhi and Ankit Rathore (Team Targeriyans)

2nd : Abhishek Jiyani and Ashutosh Kumkar

3rd : Manoj Ramchandani and Siddhant Verma (Team Bravehearts)

The event turned out to be a successful one and gathered a lot of appreciation from all.

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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