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Fintalk 2.0

Fintalk 2.0, the third financial talk session of the academic year 2017-18 was conducted by Finesse – The Finance Club of IMNU on 12th October 2017. The session was taken by Dr. Pawan K. Chugan, Professor at Institute of Management, Nirma University, and Chairperson – Indian Society for Training and Development, Ahmedabad Chapter. 


The topic for the session was ‘International Transfer Pricing and its Implementation in India‘. Dr. Chugan introduced the topic with basics, then built up to the complicated parts of it and finally enlightened the audience about the contemporary scenario of ITP in India which was introduced in 2001 and implemented in 2003.                                       

The session was highly educational and very interesting as it included the recent and ongoing developments as Dr. Chugan talked about the “Evolving Transfer Pricing System in India with the incorporation of Advance Pricing Arrangement (APA) and Safe Harbour Rules (SHR) provisions.”

The finance enthusiasts of the batch actively participated in the session. He answered all the queries from the students and kept the session very thorough yet interesting. He shared contents from his research and used it while explaining the topic with current scenario examples.

IMG_3938 (1)

The event was a remarkable one, as was the response of the students and it left them with a healthy knowledge of how the Transfer Pricing system works in India.

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra & Srishti Bhuwania-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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