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गुरुCool- Teachers’ Day Celebration

Abhivyakti, the Cultural Committee of BBA, celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th September, 2017, in a different style. Instead of the usual dressing up in Indian formals, taking classes and imitating professors, they decided to bring the professors on stage for some interactive entertainment. The celebration was named गुरुCool and the event incorporated fun games like ‘The Selfie Scavenger Hunt’, ‘Saree Draping Competition’, ‘Dumb Charades’ and more.

With dance and music performances from all the three batches which included duet dance, solo singing performance (which began with songs from the 90s and graduated to the currently trending songs) and for the very first time, the first year BBA batch showing their talent with a group dance, the teachers enjoyed the show. They were also called on the stage for competitions like “Click a selfie with the most number of students! ” to “Who can drape a saree best to a male student?” which had both the students and teachers enjoying to their fullest. Letting their fun and carefree side out, the professors competed with each other for prizes and the event concluded with a lot of photographs, memories, and happiness.

This article is contributed by Heema Joshi-

Media Committee, IMNU

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