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“Pehchaan Kaun??”- The Rotaract Quiz

All the filmy keedas and TV series lovers were thrilled, when Rotaract Club of IMNU organized their first event, “Pehchaan Kaun”.  It was a 2 round event, with 1st one being the online round, in which a total of 37 teams participated from which 10 teams qualified for the offline round. Each team had 3 members, and the final round was awaited with great anxiety and enthusiasm.

The offline round, was further divided into two rounds. The first one was challenging as it tested the participants on their knowledge of TV series, Cartoons, Sports, and also had an interesting mix of Video and audio compilation that had to be identified. The highlights of the round was when participants relived their childhood memories and were made to recollect about the cartoon characters and names, which they all grew up watching.



The cumulative points of all these challenges decided the top 5 teams that would made it to the final part of the offline round. Then came the last and a tricky challenge wherein one member had to enact the character shown to him or her, while the other two members had to guess the name of the character as well as the film. Since it was a time based task, each team had to perform this task as early as possible. Top 3 teams with best timings were declared winners, and they were:

  • Team MAD
  • Team Muthacluckers
  • Team Metal

The event concluded successfully and was appreciated a lot.

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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