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Slamdunk 2017- Inter-Section Basketball Tournament

Dribble, Assist, Defend, Attack, Score!!

Slam Dunk, second event of the season organised by SportzzzCom was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm and energy by the Nirmayans. Sections were united, players geared up, videos were prepared, challenges were thrown to the rival sections. The build up to the event was enough to express that it was going to be an exciting event. FT, FBE, BBA-MBA, all were rearing to go and prove their mettle.



The tournament started on 16th August, each fixture being a knockout one, which made the matches harder. Cheering, Sledging, Fouls, free throws, everything was experienced in these 4 days, but the spirit of the game was never breached. Some matches were close, some were one-sided, some made the adrenaline flow, and even the tight schedule couldn’t let the enthusiasm of players and spectators fall.

The inaugural match of the event saw a complete domination of Jr. FB over Jr. BBA-MBA as they successfully named the match in their favour by a margin of 24-4.

The underlining match of the day was between Jr. C (Boys) v/s Jr. B (Boys), which was expected to be a high voltage affair. Though the first quarter was completely dominated by Jr. B, Jr. C made a strong comeback in the 2nd quarter, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to surpass the lead that was taken by Jr. B in the first half. Also free throws conceded by Jr. C didn’t help their cause.

After an excellent start, the tournament entered its 2nd day with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Almost all the matches of the day were one-sided, with one team dominating the opponent and winning comfortably. This day also saw the highest scoring match of the tournament, when Shahenshahs (Boys) demolished Conquerors (Boys) with a mind boggling score of 50-8.

With the knockout phase of the tournament coming to an end, the 3rd day became even more interesting and exciting. Unlike, the previous day, the 3rd day was more intense and closely fought. That day also saw the tournament favourites, Deagles (Boys) taking on the in-form Jr. A boys. The match swung like pendulum, and kept the supporters glued to the court, till the duo of Nihal Jani and Kush Bagrecha sealed the deal for Jr. A(Boys)

After grueling fixtures of the knockout round, the four semi-finalists from boys and girls  were:

Boys: Shahenshahs, Jr. A, Jr. FB, Jr. B

Girls: Conquerors, Jr. C, Shahenshahs, Bannerets



The 1st semi-final was between Bannerets(Girls) and Shahenshas(Girls). The match turned out to be a low scoring one, as the FB girls comfortably defeated their counter-part by 4-1. Shahenshas scored early and successfully defended the lead, as they seldom gave any chances for the Bannerets to make a comeback.

Shahenshahs took on new tournament favourites’ Jr.A in the 2nd semi-final of the tournament. Jr. A justified their favourite’s tag as they easily entered the finals with a 23-12 win over their opponents.

With already a foot in the finals, Jr. B(Boys) faced Jr. FB (Boys) in the 3rd Semi-final. Many expected it to be  tough affair, but Jr. B completely dominated the game and eased their way into the finals with a 29-14 win over their challengers.

It was a battle of C sections, Conquerors(Girls) vs Jr. C(Girls) in the 4th and final semi-finals here on the final day of the tournament. Section C continuing their brilliant form, put up yet another brilliant performance and defeated the senior section by 10-4 to enter the finals.



The finalists were ready, so were the supporters, for the final two and the most important matches of Slam Dunk.

The teams, who made it to the finals, were just a step away from clinching the trophy. The stage was set, the nerves had to be kept in check, and the concentration had to be at its peak.

Jr. A(Boys) and Jr. B (Boys) faced off each other in the finals, and the match turned out exactly the way one expects a final to happen. The contest kept the spectators on the edge of their seats, till the final whistle was blown. In the end, the teams were separated just by a difference of 3 points, as Jr. A clinched the slam dunk trophy by score of 32-29.


Unlike the Boys finals, which was an extremely close and hard fought contest, it was yet another comfortable outing for Jr. C(Girls) against Shahenshahs(Girls), in the second final of the evening. Skipper Divya Madaan scored a hat-trick, as Jr. C demolished Shahenshahs with 10-0 making it a one-sided affair. Jr. C displayed a perfect combination of attack and defence as they didn’t allow their adversaries to make a comeback in the match.


Finally the fun filled days of Basket Ball came to an end, with Jr. A(Boys) and Jr. C(Girls) winning the tournament, the victory, which would be cherished for many days to come.

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Sportzzz Comm


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