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The HR Conclave – 2017

The post lunch session was dedicated to the domain of Human Resources. The first speaker for the session was Dr. Pankaj Singh– Group Head, Learning & Development, Adani Group. He spoke on the topic ‘Designing Learning & Development to handle disruptive technology/business’.

The session started with the thought of ‘change being the only constant’, he gave a key message to the future leaders to be ready for the changes that are coming their way with automation and thinking machines. He stressed upon the fact that jobs made redundant by technology cannot be protected, but the ones that nurture the people can be. Therefore, industry experts must have a deeper understanding of the changing landscape and proactively understand what the future holds. “Even in crisis, there is an opportunity”, he said. He emphasised on the “70-20-10%” rule of learning for the students, of which 70% is from the experience, 20% from exposure and 10% from classroom learning. He concluded by explaining the challenges that leaders face while motivating the employees in this changing environment.


The next speaker was Mr. Prasheel Pardhe, COE, Lead Talent Capability and HR Analytics at HCL Technologies. The theme of the session was ‘Current Trends in HR’. He spoke on data analytics in the field of human resource or HR Analytics and diversity. He highlighted the point that how analytics and diversity are acronyms of each other and used at different stages of our corporate life. In his unique style of interacting with students, Mr. Pardhe asked the students to set up an agenda for the session to make it more interesting. He demonstrated the concepts by picking up volunteers from the audience. His main focus was on the importance of data analytics in HR and its influence in studying the day-to-day behaviour of the employees, recruitment of right people, improving their overall performance and thereby getting better return on investments. The session was truly, a new learning experience for the students.


The valedictory address by Mr. Sandip Tyagi, Director Human Resources at Samsung India was indeed enlightening. He began by saying that presently we are living in a VUCA world wherein V- Volatile, U- Uncertain, C- Complex and A- Ambiguous. With a lot of information available, the world has become highly connected, and effects of any happenings can be seen everywhere across the globe. He talked about the ‘New Normal’, the term used to imply something which was abnormal a few time back, but is very common today and how the lifespan of companies is getting shortened. From 50 years in 1990s it will come down to just 10 years in 2020. He talked about the 4th industrial revolution that the world is experiencing today, the major components of this revolution are: Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Offline to Online (O2O), and Cloud. He manifested the business model of this new normal era where the primary focus of industries has changed from products and services to the ecosystem culture and consumer clicks is equal to the business value. He concluded the session with the words: “Leader is the driver of organizational change”.


Then, the session chair, Dr. Sameer Pingle concluded the session by extending the vote of thanks to the dignitaries who graced the event with their presence. He also thanked the organizing committees involved in Utkrishta 2017. This marked the end of the successful and enriching two day Conclave on Management.

This article is contributed by Rohit Bhatt and Ayushi Tomar-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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