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The Marketing Conclave- 2017

Utkrishta 2017, the Management Conclave of Institute of Management, Nirma University, was organized by four prominent clubs of IMNU namely: Niche – the Marketing Club, Imprintz – the HR Club, Optimus – the Operations Club and Finesse – the Finance Club of IMNU. The Conclave commenced at 9:15 AM on 18th August, 2017 with the theme, “Management Philosophies and Dynamics in New Aeon”.


The industry is undergoing numerous changes and these changes don’t take place in silos. As prospective managers, it is important that the students are well versed with changes in the highly dynamic corporate environment. Thus, the conclave sought to acquaint students with the ever evolving cultures in the domains of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Operations.

The inaugural address was delivered by Mr. Sandip Tarkas, Director at Songdew and an independent consultant for Future Group. Mr. Tarkas also takes care of the Pro-Kabaddi team – ‘Bengal Warriors’. He reflected upon various changes in the industry which the students shall encounter when they enter the corporate world. He talked about two core challenges they shall come across – ‘Development of Artificial Intelligence and Robots’ and ‘The Challenges of Climatic Change and Terrorism’. He enumerated the same by considering the year 2020 as a benchmark. He touched upon three main verticals – ‘Food in 2020, Fashion in 2020 and Homes in 2020’. He talked about changing demographic trends, development of many new cities along industrial corridors, growth in the markets in terms of new opportunities emerging, changing food habits, emergence of ‘selfie generation’, smart homes, emergence of new customer segments etc.


After the inaugural address by Mr Sandip Tarkas, the enthusiastic students geared up for the 2nd Session. Mr Aditya Singh, CEO & Founder at Brainpan Studio then began the session on the platform set by Mr Sandip Tarkas. Mr Singh started off the session by talking about developments in the digital space and also shared the problem of ‘too many social networks’. He talked about how videos have emerged as a medium to captivate the audiences. He highlighted on the trend of ‘First Entertain, then Educate’. He shared with us various videos which exemplified successful marketing. He talked about how customer perception has changed over a period of time and the role played by marketing through digital media in today’s era. He highlighted that social media has a higher chance of converting a customer today than by using traditional means of marketing.


Commencing the next session, Mr. Setumadhavan N, CEO at Mad About Moviez spoke about ‘Marketing in Films with Special Emphasis on Content’. He spoke about the importance of expanding customer base, as just revenues do not depict the true picture of any business, even for a film. He laid emphasis on the inter-relationship between an outstanding film and a strong distribution and marketing with the help of numerous examples. He highlighted that in today’s times, the ‘content’ of the film is what differentiates it from the lot. There have been many films which had to bite the dust despite having a star-studded cast, because they were poor on content. Thus, it is important that a film rich on content be backed up by a good marketing campaigns.


The fourth session was addressed by Mr. Manoj Chandra, Founder & CMO at Insperme Consulting. He discussed about the subject, ‘Product v/s Service’. He talked about the complexities in product & service marketing. He started the session by asking basic questions to the students. As truly said by him, in this highly dynamic and competitive world, the line that differentiates products and services is diminishing. A company has to constantly meet the requirements and expectations of its customers, else the customers are very quick in shifting from one brand to another. Highlighting the differences between products and services, he said that the basic difference between them is that in a product, the customer asks what the company can make for him, while in a service, the customer asks what the company can do for him. While a product focuses on the tangible benefits, services focus on building relationships. Last but not the least, he said that for any brand to succeed, it is very important for it to provide experience to its customers, be consistent in its functioning and build trust that would ultimately help it to grow in the long run. With this, the marketing area session came to an end.


This article is contributed by Gunit Sahni, Prasoon Mishra and Shreya Goel-

Media Committee, IMNU

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