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The Operations Conclave – 2017

The second day of Utkrishta 2017 – The Management Conclave of the Institute of Management, Nirma University, which was held on 19th August, 2017, witnessed industrialists from the fields of Operations and Human Resource.  The pre-lunch sessions were dedicated to understanding the various fields of Operations and how they are evolving with the dynamic environment.

The first session was taken up by Mr. Bhavik Chheda, Head of OYO, Gujarat. It was dedicated to “Importance of Building System and Process for an exponentially growing Start-up. ” He briefed the audience about the Operations strategies at OYO and its evolution from being a budget aggregator to a hotelier business model. He stressed on the fact that OYO is trying to change the way people stay away from home. He stated, “The three parameters for choosing a place to stay are Location, Quality and Price and OYO plans to cater to all these three aspects efficiently.” OYO does not follow the trend of hotels, which focus on luxurious stay, but instead their USP is providing standardized basic amenities at a budgeted price all over India.  Finally he concluded by stressing on the fact that customer satisfaction is important for every start-up, and he rightly quoted, “It is very important to live and breathe customer experience.” 


The second session was addressed by Dr. Paresh Kariya, Director (Service Business), OTIS Elevator (India). While addressing the audience, he spoke on Operational Excellence and Importance of Standard Work in Process Management. Mr. Paresh started the session by defining operational excellence and its foundation. He classified the recognition of customers in a very interesting way, on the basis of vowels “A.E.I.O.U”. He engaged the audience through a Case Study based on IS-NOT analysis for determining the magnitude of problem in the industry, and answered  four important questions, What, Where, When and How Big. It is often said that half knowledge is a dangerous thing, but Mr. Paresh was also of the opinion that half knowledge is useful to ask the right question.  Later, he shared the importance and benefits of standard work, which is vital in Process Management. He classified Standard Work into 3 important phases, namely Understanding, Practice and Needs. He concluded the session by showing a video on United Technologies Visual Factory Tour to elaborate on concepts like Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work Tools and Takt time.


The third session of the day was taken up by Mr. Yashowardhan Sowale, Associate Director, Capgemini. He captured the audience’s attention by talking on ‘Innovation: Driving Changes with Big Data Analytics’. He spoke on digital platforms, artificial intelligence and immersive experiences. Emphasizing on the dimensions of Big Data, which are variety, velocity, volume, veracity and value, he highlighted the emerging significance of Big Data by saying

“43% of the organizations are already jumping into big data for exploring additional channels of revenue”.

Mr. Sowale threw some light on the techniques of Big Data Analytics such as Recommendation, Clustering, Classification and Frequent Pattern Minding, with some great examples. He concluded the session and the Operations Conclave with a video on Internet of Things, and how it can become a part and parcel of life.


This article is contributed by Abhishek Punwani, Harsh Dubey, Meenakshi Pandey, Prakriti Dutta-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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