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Colours, Music, Mud Fight- Nandotsav 2017

Amidst the busy life at IMNU, 15th August came in with a lot of excitement and thrill. The Cultural Committee came up with another event that was one of its kind, ‘Nandotsav 2017’- to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

Around 300 students gathered at the Girls’ Hostel, H2, to begin the festivities. The beating of the dhols fuelled up the students for the most exhilarating part of the Janmashtami celebration, the ‘Dahi-Handi/Matki fod’ competition. By 10 AM, as the students gathered in large numbers, the jollification started with everyone playing with clay and colours and dancing to the songs played by the DJ. The matki fod session was a division-wise competition where there were 4 teams for the 4 divisions of the 2017 batch of MBA FT. The clubs and committees also took the challenge and came together to experience the thrill of this activity.


Matkis, or the clay pots had been painted by the SARAL kids who were also a part of this merry-making. While dancing and playing with mud with their friends, everyone enjoyed sips of Thandai. Students were having a wonderful time as they were grooving to the latest beats and were getting their pictures clicked in all exuberance. The merriment continued until 2 PM.


The festivity did not just stop there. A Pooja of Lord Krishna was also performed in the evening at 7 PM at the Student Activity Centre (SAC). Students who came for the religious ceremony were welcomed with tilak and were given prashad of sweet (Halwa) and Panchamrut after the pooja got over.

The Cultural Committee ensured that the day was memorable for every student who participated in the occasion and the colours, music and food all remain etched in their IMNU memories for years to come.  

This article is contributed by Meenakshi Pandey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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