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Junk to Jewel

What drives entrepreneurship? Ideas!

On 10th of August SWAYAM – The Entrepreneurship club of IMNU organized Junk to Jewel, which was based on the concept of Upcycle. They gave IMNU the challenge of turning junk into jewels to which the students responded in massive numbers in teams across sections.

Swayam IMNU
Junk ready to be turned into jewel

The idea behind this event was to bring out the skills of turning waste material into something productive and creative and all this while thinking on your feet. The steams were provided with inventory right out of the junkyard and they had to generate an idea of a product and had to make it using the waste materials. They were brimming with ideas and showed superlative skills in their products. The event was full of excitement and intensity where all the teams displayed great character and enthusiasm.

Swayam IMNU
Jewel in the making

Both the guest judges shared their expert opinions and ideas about their respective fields and imparted the students with the finer details. All the teams pitched great products which reflected the thinking skills, creativity, execution of ideas and overall presentation. The teams in Junk to Jewels who had an edge over the others were awarded on the basis of the jury’s decision

Winning Team: Scraptappers – Light Watch with Shelf.

Runner-up: Convonix – Guitar.

The event was a great success as it gave life to the idea-generating culture.

IMNU thanks SWAYAM for bringing such an entertaining and educational event.

Swayam Team
Swayam Team

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra-

Media Committee, IMNU

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