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“E-Commerce – Perspective, Strategies and Way Forward” by Mr. Avinash Parhi, Senior Director – Marketing at ShopClues

Second Institute Seminar 2017-19

Beginning from how IRCTC taught India to book tickets online and created the first e-commerce revolution to Reliance-Jio being a major catalyst for growth in e-commerce, the highly informative talk by Mr. Avinash Parhi took us on a journey of the evolution of Indian E-Commerce ecosystem. Mr Parhi, Senior Director of Marketing at ShopClues was the guest speaker for the Second Institute Seminar for the Academic Year 2017-19 at Institute of Management, Nirma University. Institute Lecture Series is a weekly interaction organised by Kaizen Committee where in industry experts are invited to address the students.

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Mr Parhi touched upon the antagonism between organised and unorganised retail in India. The problem of transportation, poorly evolved supply chain and storage facilities, untrained workforce and social factors like lack of acceptance of frozen foods are some of the hurdles for organised retail which has made the local kiranas gain an upper hand in India. However, with the entry of e-retail, the new darling of investors, took the game to another level after the next big wave of 2010- Cash on Delivery, Logistics and payment gateways.

“The Uncle-ji v/s Sakht launde – The Gen Gap of India” was a hilarious yet clever way used by Mr Parhi for explaining how focused targeting for each the generations is helping e-commerce in increasing its presence. What followed was a discussion on how the young India with a median age of 27, has an increased propensity to experiment with trends, gadget friendliness, and the “too lazy’ to step out of the comfort of our homes” attitude has given e-commerce a big opportunity in the 5th largest consumer market of the world.

He also elaborated on how ShopClues has kept itself apart by focusing on the burgeoning tier-III and tier-IV cities which presently contributes a major revenue chunk for the e-commerce unicorn.  

The session was an enriching one and saw a huge participation and helped the students in understanding that despite the ongoing pressure on e-commerce players to make a profit, it will definitely have a bigger and brighter future as the Young India goes for shopping online.

This article is contributed by Prakriti Dutta and Rohit Bhatt –

Media Committee, IMNU.

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