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OPTIMUS, The operations Club of IMNU, organised fourth edition of their “Treasure Hunt” event “BREAK THE CODE 4.0”.

Around 120 students participated in this event, and were divided into groups of 3 or 4. The event was divided into 3 rounds. In first round, the participants were given pre-folded origami papers, and were required to identify the shape and the personality based on the clues present. Out of total teams present, 10 teams made it to the 2nd round of the event. “Break the Code 4.0 – Quiz” as Fillers were conducted by the club between the 1st and the 2nd round.

The 2nd round was an on field group activity, held at IMNU back lawn, in which, the 5 best timers teams made it to the final round. This round mostly focused on team co-ordination, and accuracy with precision.

The last and final round was a “Treasure hunt”, which covered the entire Nirma University Campus. The team had to play with the clues given to them, and were required to reach the final destination. The Top 3 teams, which took least time in completing the task, were declared as the winners.

The teams which finished top 3 were :

  1. Team Krogan
  2. Team Metal
  3. Team Bangster

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey and Rohit Bhatt –

Media Committee, IMNU.

Picture Courtesy : Pratikriti – The Photography Club

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