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BRANDWIZER 2017 by Niche

Niche-The marketing club of IMNU hosted the very first event of the year, BRANDWIZER 2017 on 27th July. The event gathered a huge crowd that turned the college mess into a lively, spirited place. It went on floors with around 300 people participating to showcase their knowledge of brands and everything related to them. The sponsors were Capillus Salon, Hyderabadi Hut and Cafe Scrabble.

Niche & Winner Team

The participants were divided into groups of 4 and had to go through 3 fun and exciting rounds. The first round was ‘Brand Storm’ which was a questionnaire comprising of Logos, taglines, mascots, brand names and crosswords. It was to be completed within 5 minutes. This round was highly competitive as only 12 teams out of 75 were to go to the next round. The second round was named as ‘Jingles-Ring a bell’ and the time span of this round was 3 minutes. It was an enactment game where team  coordination and the  participants’ proficiency in identifying the jingles and advertisements of specific brands was put to test. The top 5 teams would make it to the third and the final round. The final round was ‘Brand Relay’ wherein the participants had to identify the parent company of the product names given to them within 3 minutes in the form of a relay race. The team with the highest score would be declared as the winner.

Brandwizer by Niche

Team Harbingers emerged victorious followed by team Snickers and team  KURG 4.0. Also, Riya Shah, Srishti Bhuwania, Kriti Rathi, Akshay Bavaskar and Meet Shah came out as winners of the online campaign of Niche “Trend your brand”. All in all, the event was a huge success and received a lot of appreciation from everyone.

This article is contributed by Ayushi Tomar and Meenakshi Pandey –

Media Committee, IMNU.

Picture Courtesy : Pratikriti – The Photography Club

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