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Street Smart – 2017

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Street Smart 2017, turned out to be one of the most successful events of Swayam – The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU. Street Smart is a real time business event where students of IMNU come up with business ideas to carry out business on the campus. They can put up stalls that sell mouthwatering delicacies or organize games for the visitors. The stalls are put up for three days and the earnings are added at the end of three days to come up with the total profit.

The event tested the management proficiencies of students in all domains namely, operations, finance, marketing, inventory management etc.

Street Smart 2017 started on 26th January and ended on 28th January. Students were asked to make teams prior to the event, think of a business idea and send their plans considering a maximum investment of Rs. 10,000. The 10 most feasible business ideas were selected and they went ahead with the execution of the business idea. They had to manage everything with this amount right from procurement of raw materials and inventory to the marketing of their stalls.

The stalls were set up at the Dome Ground of the University. The ten teams that were selected had different things to offer. Some of them came up with delicacies of the South while others came up with the taste of Punjab. There were others stalls that offered shakes, chocolates, frankies etc. The prices of the items were decided upon by the teams and were displayed outside the stalls.

The event continued from 7 PM till 11 PM every day. Fiesta – The Music and Dance Club of IMNU had a dance performance on 27th January and on 28th, a karaoke was organized by the organizers of Street Smart.

The collections were added at the end of the third day. The students managed to collect a sum of Rs. 1,50,000 cumulatively. Team Hogspot were the highest revenue generators of the event. They also made the highest profit. The best decoration award went to team Treasure, the Best Marketing award to team Kerela Café and the best team award to team Sadda Adda.

Street Smart was a fun event which also inculcated in the students a spirit of entrepreneurship and gave them an opportunity to prove their mettle in management.

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