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IMNU – Model United Nations

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Institute of Management, Nirma University organized the first edition of its annual model united nations conference, IMNU MUN, on 27th and 28th January 2017. The conference, organized by the students of BBA-MBA integrated program, simulated three committees: UNSC, ECOSOC and DISEC.

About 38 delegates from various universities attended the opening ceremony of the first model united nations organized by the students of BBA-MBA integrated program under the guidance of Institute of Management, Nirma University. The event took place in the auditorium of Institute of Management and was presided by chief guest K H  Patel, former Indian High Commissioner to Uganda and Ambassador to Rwanda and Burundi. Also, Dr. Anup K Singh director general of Nirma university was also present to welcome the delegates and Dr. Reena shah and Dr. Meeta Munshi as faculty coordinators of MUN 2017.

Anup K. Singh talked about how India used to be on sidelines of international pages but now is in front because of the events like MUN”.  he mentioned the importance of MUN, importance to delegates and talked about the India-Pakistan tension and need of the hour to discuss the issue and develop the perspective. “Relation among nations are quite complicated”. India has a deep relation with china but has trade deficit improve trade relationships “We give something we get something.”. MUN when people meet and discuss the elements of truth and due to mutual respect develop understanding good to clash on arguments and view than on personality.

K H Patel’s  involvement in these kind events provides knowledge of the world which can enrich the career of delegates. “United Nations is a hub of international relation and international politics”.

Security Council

Chaired by Mr. Akshat Jain and Vice Chaired by Ms. Aishwariya council started with GSL on views of delegates on the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. Most nations broke their silence and diplomacy on the issues and took a stand to state that India victim of terrorism. Delegates also discussed upon the past of the issue and how their country was related to it. And concerns were raised on the past terrorist attack on India and human rights violation and destructions. Concerns were also raised on how the unrest has affected the growth of both the nations and South Asia as a whole. Concerns were also raised to curb the problem of Kashmir and terrorism. Also, the problem of border and mapping of the region were debated. At the end of the session, a resolution was passed in the favour of delegate of Pakistan and China. Feedback was taken from all participants.


The council was chaired by Mr. Harshil Shah and Vice chaired by Shravan Vohra the council and began by GSL on the issue of civilian deaths that take place in wars. The delegates began by stating their countries stand on the topic. Then the debate moved towards the Bankruptcy crisis in Greece and then towards the devastation caused by ISIS in Syria and their refugee crisis. The debate concluded with the resolution towards eliminating ISIS and to engage a surgical strike on the terrorist group. An appeal was made Council to all the member countries of United Nations to adopt a policy directing the members to create or amend any policy which is against any particular religion or a community.


The council was chaired by Mr. Anshuman Sawant and Satyajay Jethwa and Vice chaired by Satyajay Jethwa the council and began by GSL on the issue of preventing the third world war and maintaining the peace. The delegates talked about the issues which may lead to war in future majorly- Syrian condition, south china sea issue, Indo- Pak relations and non poliferication treaty and ISIS. The committee emphasised the importance of co-operation and trust between the countries.


The Socials, organised for the Delegates of IMNU MUN on 27th January 2017, offered a great opportunity for the participants to interact with one another after a day’s work, in a relaxed setting. It was accompanied by good food and live music, which was organized by the students of Institute of Management. The event began with an Indian classical dance performance by Avantika Singh, which mesmerised the audience. The jazz music performance was the highlight of the event, played by Harmesh Joshi, a professional saxophone player. Several bands from the institute combined popular songs with instrumental music- drums, banjo and tabla, which was a big hit with the audience. The delegates performed as well- song performances were received with much excitement and enthusiasm. The event ended with an impromptu duet performance by IMNU students. Amidst lots of entertainment, conversations, and happiness, the event ended on a happy note.

Closing Ceremony

On the second day, a valedictory session and closing ceremony was organised. The ceremony had Mr. Manasvi Thapar, founder of Candour Legal, President of Analog and Digital Labs, and an alumni of Institute of Law, Nirma University as the chief guest, who was escorted by Prof. Nirmal Soni and Prof. Amola Bhatt. The session kicked off with a presentation of session report by Prof. Nirmal Soni. The chief guest talked about the diminishing need and reason for innovation and change amongst the youth for the development of the country, which he related to his own experiences of entrepreneurship, business management and his law firm. He quoted, “We need to understand who we were and how or why we got affected with the West, how powerful we were and if we were capable in those times, then why not now?” His speech was received with a round of applause and the award distribution ceremony followed. To conclude the event, Prof. Amola Bhatt proposed the vote of thanks. The event was a massive success, as she concluded with the declaration of the MUN being an annual event at Institute of Management, Nirma University from now onwards.

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