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Perspective Richter 10

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The Cultural Committee of Institute of Management, Nirma University inaugurated its national level event Perspective Richter 10 on 22nd December, 2016. This marked the beginning of a 3 day long fest filled with events from varying domains.

The inaugural session of Perspective Richter 10, 2016 started at around 12:30 PM on 2nd December, 2016. It began with Nirmatatva 1.0 which was the launched at this special occasion. The event began with the lighting of the lamp. The speakers of the session were Col. S.B. Rana who has served in the UN Peace Keeping force from India. He has served at various posts in the nation. The second speaker was Mr. Arjun Vajpai. He is the third youngest Indian to climb the Mount Everest and has several records in his name. Mr. Jay Vasavada, a Gujarati writer, orator and columnist was the third speaker.

Col. S.B. Rana was the first to address the audience. He gave us a brief about the life that he used to have in the Army. They are taught to not think about the safety of themselves and think of the nation. They are always taught to have an attitude of sacrifice. According to him, this is the crux of being a good leader. One should forget about the region and religion that he has and remember that he has the greater responsibility of serving the nation. He presented a case study based on an incident that occurred at their camp base and asked the students to draw learnings of management from the same.

Mr. Vasavada took over the session next. He mentioned that today’s generation, the i-gen is the generation of dare and dedication. They should have a lot of love for their work and run the extra mile to achieve their goals. The three important decisions that i-gens should take in life are what they should do, whose company should they keep and how should they proceed to achieve their goals. Original thoughts, ideas and intelligence will help you remain immortal in life. One must not always think of being a commander or a boss but also possess some kindness in heart.

The 3rd session was taken over by Mr. Vajpai. He talked about his experiences being a climber. He found his interest in climbing at a very young age and decided to focus more on sports in his school days.  Loving something, he believes, is of utmost importance to achieve the goals. This unstoppable dedication of his helped him get the title of the youngest to climb the Everest at the age of 16. His journey wasn’t easy both physically and mentally. He is a strong believer of the fact that if you have a dream in mind, then no hardship in this world will be able to stop you from pursuing it.

Following the inaugural session, the various clubs and committees busied themselves in conducting their events. The various events that were conducted during the day were Rasprava (conducted by the HR Club of IMNU), Markenova ( Conducted by the Marketing Club), Pratidwandi (Conducted by News Junction), Valar Morghulis, Prayaas, Inferno (Conducted by the IT Club) and Media Intelligence 360° ( Conducted by the Media Committee). All the events brought up new ideas in an exciting way for the participants. Teams from various B-schools like IIM Ahmedabad, MICA, PUMBA, IRMA showed great enthusiasm in all the events.

The 2nd half of day one began with ‘Laughter Lounge’. Comedian Angad Singh Ranyal from East India Comedy had come to the college for this event. Mr. Ranyal recently made his foray into professional standup comedy as a member of East India Comedy (EIC). He regularly features in the premier ‘Best in Stand-Up’ shows at Canvas Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store. He has already written for comedy specials like Comedy News Network etc.  The audience was thrilled with his take on contemporary life situations in a funny manner.

The Dramatics Club of IMNU next organized Rangmanch, an inter college drama competition. The teams presented on various social issues such as ‘excessive use of mobile phones’ etc. Some of them also presented on famous epics such as The Ramayana.

Also, Fiesta, the Music and Dance Club, had organized a singing competition where the participants battled it out melodiously.

MotoTycoons, the bikers gang came to Nirma on day 2 to stun everybody. They carry the impression of being the 3rd rank stunt showstoppers across India. The massive reputation that was built up ensured huge crowd who anticipated the smelling of rubber getting burnt live on road. There were 3 bikers all in all along with their team manager. The names of the bikers were Rohitesh, Bunty and Inderjeet. A massive reputation these bikers carried with their names. One of them was XDL No 1 rank in India while the other was No 7 rank XDL in India. Bunty was 4th XDL rank in India when it came to stunt performance. These bikers were associated with MotoTycoons and have performed 30 shows in the Buddha international circuit at Delhi. The stunt bikers are TVS sponsored official riders and have performed in various events of MTV stunt shows.

The crowd was literally awestruck with the level of courage and talent the bikers exhibited. The bikers seemed to have showcased a perfect blend of speed, precision and control to enthrall the crowd and give the value of their money. Smoke rushing out of the exhaust, Tyres leaving a black trail on road, heart beats pausing every now and then and the blink of an eye capturing the most amazing and daring  exhibition of courage on road. The energies were high as the music beats and so were the crowd who gave a big round of applause with a huge roar to end the event on high.Round 2 of Lynx was conducted by Optimus club of IMNU. No of teams that participated were 10. The teams were given a case study simulation based on logistics beforehand. Teams had to submit the case solution and present it in front of the judges.  Mr. Samir Mankad, the external judge along with Mr. Rajesh Jain, the internal judge assessed the teams on the basis of Rubrics sent beforehand.

Biz-zine event was conducted by expressions club in the evening. A total of 13 teams participated in a time bound thrilling series of rounds. Teams had to solve Jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku, Crossword and Make a logo to qualify for the next round. Total of 10 teams were selected by Mrs. Khyati who will fight in the finals for ultimate glory.

The Final round of Pratiti was conducted by XquizIT club. Mr. Bhushan Patel was the external judge who assessed the participants on various factors. The round consisted of buzzer rounds followed by general quiz that tested the Intelligent quotients of the teams along with presence of mind. IIMA became the winners in the event and stole the glory.

Round 2 of Magnitude F was conducted by Finesse . The rounds consisted of an audio visual quiz that had to be jotted down on paper pen. It tested the financial and general awareness of each team along with sharp presence of mind.

Rasprava was conducted by the Imprintz club. External judges were were Mr. Pradosh Joshi, CEO & Consultant head at Talent India Solutions as well as Director at Golden Institute of Management, Goa and Mrs Manisha Patel, TPO at school of engineering & applied Science, Ahmedabad.  The round consisted of case studies, presentations and situation based roleplays that tested the teams with soft as well as hard skills.

The 2nd half of day two began with ‘Drape In Vogue – The Fashion Show’. The event was judged by Ms. Aarushi Sharma, Senorita, Miss International India 2016 and this made the event more special and eye-catching. 23 girls from IMNU and other colleges showcased their ramp walk talent in front of the huge crowd who was present to witness this amazing fashion walk. The WINNERS will get direct entry in Miss India Senorita contest or one of the international platform of senorita India and shall get groomed by the renowned Industry experts from the fashion & glamour world !

The Final day of Perspective Richter 10 was special with performers like Mooralala Marwada and Arjun Kanungo coming to the IMNU Campus. Mooralala Marwada mesmerized the audience with his melodious Poetry of Kabir, Mirabai, Ravidas and others. The Sufi Night performer has performed Live with MTV Coke Studio. IMNU auditorium, completely packed with audience, witnessed the magic of Sufi Songs. The night of the final day of PR 10 was the attraction and the most awaiting moment for all the IMNU and other college students who were present to try their luck in different events. It was the time to dance on party songs after the hard work and efforts everyone had put in, during the last two days. When the performer for the night was Arjun Kanungo, it was guaranteed to be a power packed concert.  Arjun Kanungo, set the stage on fire with his popular songs and various other party tracks. He is a singer, composer, producer and an actor. He is Best known for his debut single ‘Fursat’ and ‘Baaki Baatein Peene Baad’. Arjun has won the Jagjit Singh Award for Best Music debut and PR10 concluded with this amazing concert by a singer of such caliber.

Final round of Media Intelligence 360 was organized by The Media Committee of IMNU. The 8 teams that made it to the finale were judged on factors like Confidence, Voice Modulation and Content where they were supposed to act a Radio Jockey on the randomly picked topic. This event had renowned panel of judges which involved Mr. Arvind Vegda, the popular Gujarati Folk singer and Big Boss 9 contestant, Mr. Devang Bhatt, Channel Head, Mr. Naishadh Purani, renowned ex-RJ at Red FM and Miss Ancela, a photo journalist from a famous daily in Ahmedabad. The teams were on cloud nine when they got to know that they were to be judged from eminent personalities like these. IMNU team grabbed the First place with an exceptionally remarkable performance. The SIESCOM, Mumbai team took away the Runner Up prize.

Final round of Excavate was conducted by Clique – IT Club of IMNU. External judges were Mr. Harshal Arolkar, Associate Professor, GLS University and Mr. Akshay Durugkar, Senior Analyst, IQR Consulting. The teams were given huge data sets and they were supposed to analyze the Stock Market Data and find meaningful insights. IMNU Team emerged victorious while Symbiosis Institute of Banking and Finance grabbed the Runner Up prize.

Halla Bol, a Nukkad format event witnessed some amazing performances by the teams from different colleges. Mr. Chirag Modi, Owner, Ouroboros Theatre Company judged the teams on minute details like expressions, audience connect, voice modulation and concept. The Team from KVKS, Kachchh University won this nukkad event and team from IMNU took the runner up title.

The final round Markenova, which was organized by Niche – The Marketing club of IMNU judged the teams on Case Study Presentation. Teams were given cases related to Marketing verticals and they had to develop new solutions to solve and present the case studies. The team from NIBM Pune grabbed the first prize and IMNU team took back home, the runners up title.

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