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6th Annual Quality Conference on “Lean Imperatives – Lesson for Indian Organizations.”

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The 6th Annual Quality Conference jointly organized by ASQ LMC Ahmedabad and Institute of Management, Nirma University commenced at 9 am on November 27, 2016. The theme for the conference this year was “Lean Imperatives – Lesson for Indian Organizations”.
While delivering the welcome address, Dr Himanshu Trivedi, Chair ASQ Ahmedabad LMC mentioned that Quality is undergoing a massive transformation. He also quoted that as a citizen of India, we have a great responsibility of passing the baton of Quality to the next generation for a developed and prosperous India. He further said that they have been trying their best to meet the vision of ASQ & Institutes and Industries, together can play vital role in this movement. Mr. Anup Singh, Director General of Nirma University next presided over the session. He said that at Nirma, they aim at training students who are skilled enough to face the challenges of the world. They believe that quality is all about philosophy and simplicity is what their philosophy is. Nirma University aims at moving from philosophy to principles to ensure that they have a smooth journey towards ensuring success. Mr. Ciby James, Director ASQ South Asia stressed on the importance of the new practices of lean and six sigma for the success of organizations. He said that their network in different countries, like the one in Ahmedabad, India helps them achieve their objectives. He announced ASQ’s South Asian Conference to be held on 16th and 17th of December and invited everyone to be a part of the same. Mr. Denis Devos, Vice Chair Global ASQ Quality Management Division, took over the session next. Mr. Denis is an ISO 9001 expert and a member of ASQ for the past 20 years. According to him, quality is a strategic and competitive differentiator which can help businesses advance and gain customer satisfaction. He said that there are various challenges that companies face such as lack of specialized training in quality lines. ASQ aims at helping companies overcome these challenges. Waste reduction, innovation and new product development in sync with quality can help them further.
The session was further carried by Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Vice Chair Student, ASQ Quality Management Division. She demonstrated the global reach of ASQ through a presentation. She further expressed that positioning ASQ as the community for everyone who seeks quality concepts, technology, or tools to improve themselves and their world was their main vision. To increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world was their mission, as shared by Ms. Stephanie. She invited the audience to join them and be a quality connection of the next generation.
The Chief Guest of the session Mr. Hans Bangert, Managing Director, Bosch Rexroth India Pvt. Ltd. talked about “Lean Imperatives – Lesson for Indian Organisations.” He emphasized that transformation can only take place when all the root cause of change is identified and the root cause of transformation is “We” the people itself. We need to regulate ourselves first and be a good citizen before thinking of any change. Unless we change it is difficult to Learn, Improve, Share and Develop.
The inauguration of the book, “Lean Imperatives: Lessons for Indian Organizations” authored by Dr. Rajesh Jain and Dr. Himanshu Trivedi also took place at this event. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jain, Vice Chair, ASQ LMC Ahmedabad and a prominent faculty at IMNU, delivered the vote of thanks to conclude the session. According to him, Gratitude is the attitude and the right attitude takes one to higher altitudes. He thanked all the dignitaries and participants.
Post lunch, there were 4 technical sessions in which 36 case studies were presented by 26 leading organizations.

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