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Paint Your Dreams

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Paint Your Dreams, a social initiative organized by The Cultural Committee, Institute of Management, Nirma University in association with SARAL Foundation was organized on 20th November 2016. Kids from various NGOs were invited to come to the campus for a day, where they got to spend some quality time.
Along with the in-house NGO of Institute of Management Nirma University, Saral; many other NGOs took part in the event with their participants. Some of the NGOs who work especially for the specially-abled kids with autism and cerebral palsy also took part with full excitement in the event.
At the stroke of 9 in the morning, the buses came with the giggles and excitement of the kids from various NGOs across the city arrived at the Nirma University Campus. The kids then were taken to the mess straightaway where tea and breakfast waited for them. After satiating their morning hunger, the kids were then to proceed to the back lawn of Institute of Management where they were treated with many fun games like cricket, football and inflatables. The excitement and happiness on the kids’ face were a sight to watch as they indulged in their favorite activities from the plethora of the ones available.
Once the outdoor games were done, the kids were taken to the auditorium where more fun awaited them. Starting with the puppet shows, the kids’ funny bones were tickled again with the most entertaining animated series, Tom & Jerry. After an hour of laughter and applause, it was time for them to satisfy their tummies with a delicious lunch at the mess.
The post lunch session began with a drawing competition where the kids were being asked to paint their dreams on the canvas. On the backdrop, songs like taare zameen par soothed the environment and acted as a catalyst to boost up the spirits of the kids and top off a day full of energy.
As the kids painted their sheets with their imaginations, what followed was a session of dancing. Everyone in the hall seemed to dance their hearts out on Bollywood music, including all the volunteers and organizers. The day which started with an expectation of exploring fun at the campus, ended up being even more joyful. The volunteers and organizers all relished the smiles of those who were a part of this event and their own smiles never seemed to fade away.

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