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Rannbhoomi – 2016

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Rannbhoomi is organized annually by NiCHE – The Marketing Club of IMNU. It is an inter-section competition where the various sections fight each other to win the title of the Rannbhoomi Champions.
A total of six teams participated in the event. They represented the six sections of IMNU, four of full time MBA, one of FB and the other representing the integrated MBA programme. The event continued for 11 days, starting on 15th of October and ending on 25th Ooctober.
The event comprised various rounds, each having a specific weightage on the final score. The first round was the Branding Round. In this round each section had to brand itself by giving itself a name and a tagline that describes it. Also, they had to design a T-shirt, with their name, logo and tagline on it. The colour of the T-shirt was required to be such that it signified its name. The different teams were named as Aristocrats, Bannerettes, Conquerors, Deagles, Monarchs and Shehenshahs.
The second round was the Online Polling Round. For this round, a Facebook group was created and a poll was generated on it. The sections had to promote themselves online and get people to vote for them. The team with the maximum number of votes would win this round.
The third round was the Meme Round. In this round, the sections had to make use of social media to troll each other. This round continued for three days.
The fourth round was the Promotions Round. The teams had to come up with creative ideas to promote themselves in front of everyone. Each team had wonderful pieces to display on campus. They made banners and posters and put them on various places such as the hostel buildings, the mess etc. There were various other ways in which they promoted themselves. Some put up messages on the hostel room doors. Other artistic pieces were also put on display. Not only did the teams adopt to promote themselves in such ways, but they also participated in numerous other forms of promotion.
The next round was the Physical Activity Round. This round was conducted on a fine Sunday evening. The organizers had planned for a football match between the various teams. Each team had in its opposition a team that comprised members from all other teams. The top two teams then played against each other. The Conquerors and the Deagles were the top two teams. The thrilling match between the two ended up in a tie. A penalty shootout was then played and the Conquerors emerged as the final winners.
The heat was building up amongst the teams. Everyone wanted to get the trophy for their class and keep the name of the Rannbhoomi Winners for the next one year.
The last leg of Rannbhoomi was Hour Zero. The teams had to participate on stage and showcase their skills in-front of everyone in the auditorium. The external judges who had been invited to judge this round were Ms. Yugma Desai and Mrs. Bhakti Shah. Ms. Desai is an architect in Surat and is an avid biker. Mrs. Shah is a multidisciplinary who works in the fields of teaching, design and writing. The teams had to show a video that depicted the unity of their class. They also had to show the way they had been promoting themselves for all these days. Different sorts of performances were shown on stage. Some performed on dance numbers, others enacted a play. Some of them also painted live on stage.
The result was declared on that day itself. The Bannerettes won the award for the best T-shirt. Based on the cumulative scores, the Deagles emerged as the overall winners of Rannbhoomi. They received a trophy and the title of the winners which shall remain with them for the next one year.
Overall, Rannbhoomi was a thrilling event that ignited the marketing skills of the students of IMNU.

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