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Sherlock Tones

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After taking the excitement level at a high by holding a jam session, Club Fiesta also had an interesting event in store for the students of IMNU on the 21st of October. The first round of the event saw participants flexing their memory muscles to remember songs from various Bollywood films as a few of them were played in a medley. The participants had to note down as many songs with the movies they belonged to, in a minute. All the teams which noted down maximum number of songs with the movies moved ahead into the second round.

The second round was a slightly tuned version of the famous Dumb Charades game. One member from each team had to come forward, pick a cue card which contained name of a movie, and then perform one of the signature steps of any of the songs in the movie. The rest of the team members needed to guess the name of the movie correctly. After an interesting tie between 3 teams, the final four proceeded to the next and final round.

The event lived upto its name in the final round where the last four teams were to go through a treasure hunt. After running through the whole campus with utmost enthusiasm and zeal to win the participants were to reach the final destination which was the same venue as that of the jam session. The team ‘Sax Bombs’ were declared winners of the competition and were given their prize just before the jam session began. A fun-filled evening thus came to an end.

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