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Seventh Institute Seminar 2016-17

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The seventh Institute Seminar was conducted on 14th October, 2016. Mr. Maharana Ray, Head HR at Bajaj Auto Ltd. was the speaker for the session. Mr. Ray has an experience of working at different domains at Bajaj Auto Ltd. He has visited 28 countries as a part of his work. This has helped him understand the work culture of different countries.
The topic for discussion was, ‘Trends and Challenges Faced in Automobile Sector’. Mr. Ray began the session by showing a video, The Unbeatable, to the students. The video showed how Bajaj has evolved and has grown over the years, right from the pre-independence era to the modern times. He shared various experiences out of which the students could gather important life lessons.
He said that everything that one does in life should have some purpose. One must be focused and passionate and must strive for perfection, power and productivity. He said that Bajaj, as an organization striving to maintain its position in the market, keeps in mind the three facets of strategy for differentiation, brand focus and lean operations. This is what helps it to attain the number one position in the industry. According to him, even we as students can apply these facets in our lives in order to achieve success.
He said that one must stand for ones strengths and be a specialist rather than being a generalist. Just as a company is known by its brand, an individual will be known by his strengths. He added that failures are a part of life and one must not be bowed down by them. Instead, one should be different, focused and should set SMART objectives in life. Focusing on problems makes life difficult, so one should fearlessly work towards attaining solution to those problems. Also, one should take risks in life because success gives opportunities to lead while failure gives one the guidance required in life.
He ended the session by taking some questions from the audience. He alleged that, in difficulty one must be honest, in wealth one must be simple and in anger one must be silent. One should always remember that the opposite of winning is learning, so sometimes you win and sometimes you learn!

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