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On 13th October, 2016, XQuizIT- the quizzing club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organized Bizquiz, a business-based quiz.

There were three rounds in total. 28 teams participated in the first round. It was written round with 20 questions related to recent mergers and acquisitions, general awareness, logic, finance domain and others of the sort.

The first round screened out almost half of the teams and 17 teams qualified for the second round. Out of these, 8 teams were shortlisted to play the final round in Bizquiz. This round was based on pouncing and bouncing methods. There were 4 sub rounds with 4 questions in each round. The quizmaster explained the pouncing and bouncing method prior to the round to all the teams. Each round had its own variety of questions and the difficulty level increased after each round. Any dispute regarding any question or points given was solved by the quizmaster. This round was the most interesting round of the event. The event ended with a tie-breaker for the third position which was won by team Tic-Tac.

The winners were team Incredibles. The first and second runners up respectively, were, team Decepticons and team Tic-Tac. The event ended with prize distribution and photography session of Xquizit members with the winners.

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