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Chillar Party

Saral, which works for the underprivileged children, celebrated the Joy of Giving week from 2nd to 9th October, 2016. Rarely do we find someone working for a cause or working selflessly for others without any expectation of returns. Almost 160 students were involved in making sure that the week is celebrated successfully in order to fulfill the very purpose of the cause.
The 6th day of the week i.e 7th October,2016 which was marked by an amazing and fun filled event known as chillar party in association with the expressions club. The event started with playing funny and interesting games that lifted the spirits of Saral kids. It was like a sense of enthusiasm that had been sprayed in the atmosphere.
There was one after the other fun filled games and activities that each Saral kid enjoyed to the fullest. Those kids who gave their best performances were awarded at the end of each game. This was to impart a healthy competition among the saral kids and make them aware of the real intricacies in life by rewarding the achievement. After playing games, members of Expressions Club did the cake cutting, as a part of their tradition along with excited Saral kids. The kids were subsequently served with delicacies like cake and samosas. At the end of the event, the Expressions Club gave beautiful gifts to each of the Saral kid as a symbol to remember the wonderful moments spent in the event.
Each member of the Expressions as well as Saral club was actively involved in making the event memorable and worthwhile. The event was a huge success as both the clubs were able to deliver happiness and be able to get a smile on the face of each Saral kid.
Perhaps life is beautiful enough to be explored!

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