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Youth Exchange Programme – Korean Youth Group

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Nirma University, on 26th September, 2016, hosted a cultural programme on the visit of a delegation of South Korean students. The students visited India as a part of the “Youth Exchange Programme” initiated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The event began at around 2:00 PM and continued until 4:00 PM in the evening.
A number of students, along with their mentors, from different educational institutions of South Korea were a part of this delegation. The event was held to acquaint them with the culture and heritage of India. Shri K.K. Patel, VP, Nirma University and Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University hosted the event on behalf of the Institute. Mr. Park JL Hun was the Korean representative. Shri D. Karthiguene, Youth Officer, NSS Bangalore and Shri Kamal Kar, Regional Director, NSS Ahmedabad were also a part of the event.
The relationship of Nirma University with South Korea dates back to the times when it was founded in the year 1996. The central theme of the event revolved around the fact that developing a global outlook is very vital to understanding the culture, languages and preferences of people across the globe.
For this occasion, the students from both countries put up performances reflecting their cultural values. It consisted of various dance forms and folk songs. While the students of India beautifully depicted the heritage of the different states, their South Korean counterparts mesmerized the audience with their musical spirit.
The event then moved into an open question and answer session. The South Korean mentors were curious to know more about the educational system of India. They appreciated the fact that India produces some of the most well renowned scientists and IT experts of the world.
The event concluded on a reverberating note with students of both nations singing their national anthems. It turned out to be an enriching experience for every member of the audience.

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