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E-Insights is a series of talk shows with leading entrepreneurs of the industry. Swayam, The Entrepreneurship Club, successfully organised the first episode of season 2 of E-Insights on September 7th, 2016. It is especially aimed at nurturing the ‘futurepreneurs’ of Nirma University.

The craze and excitement to hear from the speaker was clearly visible as the classroom venue was already filled 10 minutes before time. The Speaker for the first chapter of E-Insights 2016 was Mr. Snehal Desai, Senior Vice President, Adani Group. Mr. Snehal Desai, a B.Tech from CEPT and an MBA from Gujarat University, is also a freelance writer for Indian Express and Economic Times. He is also a visiting faculty at some of the prominent B-schools of the country such as IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIFT Delhi and other such institutes. Apart from work, he has a keen interest in music. His passion for music can be reflected in his being a lead guitarist in a rock band.

Having witnessed a fantastic session by Mr. Desai during Season 1 of E-Insigths, IMNU students were looking forward to what was about to come. Mr. Desai emphasised on executing ideas without the fear of failing, rather than wasting time on planning. He was of a view that good planners remain pathetic executers unless they act upon their plan. In a question on how to deal with the society criticism, he explained how people criticize when you leave your dream and how the same people join you the moment when you deliver success. He advised the students to not lose their originality in the process of becoming a successful MBA professional.

Mr. Desai was a bundle of energy as he answered audience questions as well as a ‘Rapid Fire’ round. When asked, he shared that his role model is Mahatma Gandhi and his biggest Inspiration is Music. As a last piece of advice, he suggested the ‘futurepreneurs’ to be alcoholic and decide upon one alcohol that would keep the desire burning – a desire to do something extra-ordinary. Music, undoubtedly, remains the alcohol that keeps Mr. Desai lively and passionate.

Swayam Club was happy to hear some great feedbacks and is taking this as their alcohol to keep the fire burning.

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