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Out of Box

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Being unique is the best thing an individual can do for himself. As Albert Einstein quoted “Innovation has no boundaries to imagination, hence imagination is more important than knowledge”. Taking this forward, Sumantra club of IMNU organized an event “Out of Box” to encourage the uniqueness of every individual that he/she is gifted with.

The event started off with excitement among the participants about the event.  The event name already made participants ignite their innovative brain cells, while enigma around the theme added to the restlessness of the participants. The buzz began growing louder and louder until the curtains were lowered.

The theme consisted of picking up a chit that consisted of any novel story along with any one of its prominent character. The second chit to be picked consisted of any random character that would be swapped with the first cheat’s character, with the basic theme of the story remaining the same. There was no limitation to innovation as participants were allowed to use sketches, any language form, dictionaries, summaries for understanding the novel story, etc. The time started ticking.

With the end of given time duration, the story had to be completed only till interval. The stories were collected and auctioned in such a way that no participant gets his/her own story again. Moreover, participant bidding with lowest no of words was entitled to choose the story of his/her own choice. The more the creativity, more the chances to win provided the word limit was maintained inside the bid limit.

The final phase ticked off with more pressure to perform requiring supreme level of creativity, imagination, writing skills and pulling it off. The stories were different; the 2nd half had to be thought completely uniquely with no clues from what first participant would have thought.

The time concluded, so did the horizons of imagination. A perfect balance of articulating creative thinking into words meant that the winner would have it all in him. Dhruval Thakar of Section A stole the pride by being the one man army to take it all. He won the competition after riding through grueling rounds of judgment. INR 1500 worth of amazon coupons were awarded to the winner for exhibiting highest levels of creativity sketched gracefully on a piece of paper. While the runners up were team Underground consisting of Abhyuday tiwari, aziz chatriwala and akshar tandel  taking away INR 1000 worth amazon coupons.

In the end, the uniqueness won. The individuals dug deep inside themselves to value the fine piece of art made by god. Imagination creates, but creativity is what defines oneself.

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