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Fourth Institute Seminar 2016-17

The fourth Institute Seminar Lecture Series was conducted on Friday, 26th August, 2016. The lecturer for the day was Mr. Amit Lall, Associate Vice President, Mobile Business at Omnicom Media Group. Mr. Lall has previously worked with Mobile2Win and ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. He is a mociologist who takes interest in exploring the mobile world and learning more about it.

The topic for the session was, “Landscape and Opportunity in Mobile Marketing”. He began the session by giving the students a brief idea of the mobile industry of India. Mobile growth is moving into media, advertising, software and services and new devices are expanding the meaning of “mobile” these days. He told the students about the marketing practices that his company takes up.
The main topic of discussion was mobile marketing. He said that there lies huge potential for growth in the mobile industry. He talked about the present scenario of mobile marketing in India. Growth is largely dependent on the penetration of mobiles in the heart of the nation and the rural market represents great opportunities for the same. On the basis of their specifications, usage and market share, he drew a comparison between feature phones and smartphones. While the market for smartphones is booming in urban areas, the sales in rural areas are negligible. On the contrary, feature phones are prominent in rural India.
Smartphones are increasingly dominating the mobile market. However, economical and functional aspects create a barrier in its sales. These barriers need to be broken so as to penetrate the market even more. Mr. Lall added that the Government initiatives such as Digital India and others such as Reliance Jio also play a role in the growth of the industry. He took the session further by explaining to the students some of the tools of mobile marketing such as SMS, MMS, USSD , voice etc. He added that Big Data plays a key role in the expansion of this industry as it has a number of applications in it.
He ended the session by answering some of the questions that students had. The session helped the students gain valuable insights on the topic which will be of great use to them in their future endeavors.

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