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The evening of the 19th of August started off with hordes of people moving out of hostel to participate in Finanza – An event organized by Finesse – the Finance Club of IMNU. The excitement was at the peak as this was the first competitive event of Finesse after their interactive event Fintalk.

The participants were assigned different classrooms and by the time the clock struck 5:00, everyone was at their seats and waited for the first round to start. The first round was named ‘IndusTree’. In a time period of six minutes, all the teams had to write down names of companies under a given sector. As soon as the sheets were distributed, the minds started running and the pen in the hands followed. When the time was up, participants could finally calm down. Most of the teams looked hopeful to qualify for the next round, unfortunately only 25 were to go! As the sheets were collected for evaluation, an interesting game was played out as a filler. The contestants were asked riddles and some general knowledge questions which all the participants seemed eager to answer. After a few minutes came the time for results and the teams which were to advance in the next round were announced.

All those qualified, moved on to the venue of the next round. Full to the capacity, the classroom was booming with the energy of the participants. The second round was named ‘Fousie’. It was a business version of the renowned Housie. The teams were given a sheet which contained the logos of various companies. The participants were asked to identify the correct company using a hint on the projector which lasted 15 seconds each. The top six teams which managed to get maximum correct answers were to advance in the ultimate round. Once the second round ended, a generous gesture followed. Refreshments were distributed to the participants by Finesse which re-energized them. Also keychains were distributed as a part of Finesse merchandize to all.

The final round was held in the rear lawn of the IMNU building. All the finalists were prepared to win and excitement was at a new high now. The final round, which was named ‘Finplay’ was an event that tested the acumen of the participants at the same time giving them their share of fun. The round was based on the famous game which we all once played – ‘Snakes and Ladders’. All the teams were asked to send one of their members to walk the board while the other would throw the dice. Each arrival on the ladder meant that a couple of questions were to be asked to the team. If they answered both of them correctly, they were allowed to traverse the full ladder, one correct answer only got them halfway while incorrect answers meant they could climb the ladder! Similarly, two questions were asked each time a player stepped on a serpent’s mouth. A correct answer meant they’d only go down halfway while getting both answers brought them down the entire length. The fun that the teams seemed to have was a sight to watch! A great twist at the end summarized the evening full of excitement. A team had reached the penultimate box and was just one step away from the win. But alas! They couldn’t land the required ‘1’ on the dice in time to stop another team clinching the win from them.

The evening ended with prize distribution. Where a team called ‘Pacmen’ were given the winning prize, all the teams went back as winners!

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