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Junk to Jewel

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Swayam Club organized the event ‘Junk to Jewel’ on Wednesday, 10th August, 2016. Participants were required to make innovative products out of recyclable trash
It was an institute level competition where students participated in teams of three to four each. They were given a budget of Rs. 100 along with a list of items. With the limited amount of items available to them, they were required to make a salable product with a touch of innovation and creativity. Items such as newspapers, magazines, plastic pipes, wires, cardboards, cassettes, plastic bottles etc. were given to them. They were given 10 minutes to prepare a budget and purchase the materials, and 45 minutes to come up with their product.
A total of 200 students participated in the event. They made all sorts of products such as a multipurpose table lamp, a study table, a chandelier, a solar panel, a fishing stick, a work station, a mini wardrobe and more. These products had an aesthetic appeal with a touch of innovation.
The judges of the event were Mrs. Shruti Chaturvedi, founder of Chaaipani (an online portal to discover and share stories) and Mr. Shailesh Pitahdia, the Managing Director at Skyblue ( an institute in providing design education). Students had to pitch their products and set their prices. The judges were asked to declare the winners, the runner ups, the most artistic team and the most futuristic team. The event gave students an opportunity to test their entrepreneurial and budgeting skills.

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