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Fintalk 2.0

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On Monday evening, 8th August 2016, Finesse: The Finance Club of IMNU presented their event Fintalk 2.0 on the very interesting topic Financial Independence. The guest for the event, Mr. Jatin Hura, Founder of Findependence Solutions. Mr. Hura shed light on financial independence and easy personal financing tips to the students. In a candid chat with The Media Committee, Mr. Hura talked about his concept: ‘Findependence’ short for financial independence which is the ability when an individual starts to think before spending his/her money i.e. whether that money will generate him more income or will simply be wasted.

Sharing tips on spending money the right way, he explained how SIPs were an excellent avenue to invest for long term gains. He added that the key to gain more was to start early. He also vouched for Mutual Funds as a safe and fulfilling option.

Mr. Hura appreciated the students and their interest in a topic that most youngsters may not think twice about. As a last message for the students Mr. Hura quoted, “Say no to thinking much and yes to logical thinking and to start investing!”

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