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Friendship Day Celebration by SARAL

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On a fine Sunday morning of 7th August 2016, a group of enthusiastic, responsible and dedicated youth was seen assembling at the canteen in IMNU. Saral Foundation had arranged for a Celebration of Friendship Day in conjunction with the Rotaract Club of IMNU (RCIMNU). It was unique in its own way, as the club members, along with other IMNU students celebrated this Friendship Day with children of workers working at the construction site of IMNU.

Saral, Rotaract and students of IMNU exchanged Friendship Day bands with the children. Rotaract members gifted Umbrellas to the kids and Saral members gifted Sandals. The kids were running with joy with Umbrellas in their hands and flaunting their new Sandals. Dharmesh, the youngest 3 year old lad couldn’t stop blushing with happiness and that moment brought smiles all around. Refreshment and Games were also arranged for the ‘Young Friends’. Kids were pampered with all the gifts, chocolates and the love they received from their ‘New Friends’.

A cloth drive initiated by Saral club initially, was now a source for members also gifted some clothes to residents of a nearby slum. The smiles on their faces were a gift to IMNU this Friendship Day!

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