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The evening of 28th July saw scores of students gathered in the mess. The reason? The marketing club of IMNU – Niche was hosting their first event Brandwizer.

The hype was at a new high thanks to a pre-event online contest. Dozens of students flaunted their creativity in groups in pursuit of the winning prize. Catchy captions, creativity in pictures and branding were the key factors in this competition. People enthusiastically participated and even the audience on the social media were intrigued by the level of competence shown in branding.

 The main event though was the apple of everyone’s eyes. As the participants arrived in the mess, empty seats seemed to be rarest of the rare sights! The first round kicked off and the pencils in the contestants’ hands never stopped dancing. The riddles, the crosswords tested the brand knowledge of the teams. The 4-minute round ended in a blink of an eye as the sheets were taken for evaluation.

 As a filler between the round and the results though, an interesting game was conducted by the hosts. Few of the participants volunteered and were asked to recite brand names as many as they could in one go. Exciting prizes were given to the winners.

 When the results finally arrived, only 20 teams survived the first challenge and qualified for the second one. The second round witnessed a challenge between four teams at a time with each member of the team having equal participation. That was a test of knowledge of how well one knew brands and their taglines. One team from the pool of four each qualified for the final round.

 The ultimate challenge for the finalists was as exciting as it could get. It was all about teamwork, instinct and brand knowledge. The round was named Impressions. As the name suggests, one of the team member had to guess the brand after being blindfolded and given a 3D impression of the same. Once guessed, a clue was given for a place using which the other team members had to make a brand-web with ambassadors.

 The students seemed to have a great time off their routine which really was refreshing to see. As this was the first event of Niche for the juniors, the expectations have certainly risen with such a great beginning.

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