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Third Institute Seminar 2016-17

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As a part of the Institute Seminar Series, the institute was graced by the presence of Mr. Abhay Joshi, Head of Human Resource and Administration Department, Suzuki Motors, Gujarat. He addressed the audience on ‘Excellence and best practices in the Manufacturing Sector’. This was the Third ‘Institute Seminar’ for the current academic year.

Mr. Abhay Joshi has rich experience of 30+ years in Automotive Industry during which he has effectively performed Leadership role in companies like Suzuki, Tata Motors and New Holland Tractors , Eicher Group. Mr. Joshi has done his Master’s in Business Administration from Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi, post his technical education in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a certified Coach and Trainer. He has worked across functions of Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing, Training and Development and Employee Relation and Human Resource. This enabled him to get exposure and learning across business Value Chain and understand the integration for sustained Business Results.

He started with the aspects that drive the organization towards success. According to him, right from the manufacturing to the people in the organization, nothing could be improved unless it is monitored. He also shared in depth details about the Cultural Integration between India and Japan. The students were amazed by the real life experiences shared by him. Mr. Joshi introduced 3 Mu’s – Muda, Mura and Muri – three Japanese words that roughly translate into Waste (non valuing adding), Variation and Excess Physical Burden. Students also got to know about the 3G Japanese principle where the 3Gs denote Gemba, Gembutsu and Genjitsu. He ended his knowledge sharing with a question: What comes first – Organizational Success or Culture? and left behind this topic for the audience to continue the discussion offline.


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