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Second Institute Seminar 2016-17

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On the 15th of July, 2016, the Institute of Management, Nirma University witnessed the Second ‘Institute Seminar’ for the current academic year delivered by the eccentric Mr Apurv Nagpal, an alumnus of the prestigious IIM-A, batch of 1993, and former CEO at Saregama (HMV).

He spoke on the very interesting topic of innovation, an imperative one for management aspirants. Businesses, according to him, thrive due to innovation, and he couldn’t emphasise more on the necessity of the same in the present day and age, where it doesn’t take more than a jiffy for fortunes to smile on thosereceptive to and leading change. He pointed out the prime examples in the corporate world, Kodak and Nokia amongst the few he mentioned, and how these companies exemplified the importance of innovation by having the tables turn on them by not adapting the strategy of the same. He corroborated his word by citing the example of companies flourishing due to continuous adaptation, like Apple.

Beyond just organizations, even products themselves face extinction. The typewriter is an apt example of this. It has been taken over by the computer and now you hardly see anyone using the vintage typewriter. It is funny how more than any other quality, innovation accounts for one’s success.

Mr Nagpal, however is not all work and no play. He is de facto the best-selling author of the wicked and funny Eighteen Plus.He actually endorses living life to the fullest and has kept the promise he made to himself of retiring at 40, an age most people just begin to settle themselves at in their career, and takes pride in his decision. He runs a well-known movie review blog and is popular among the youth for the same. He believes that retirement should not lead to inactivity but accentuate working sans worrying about how much you earn. Retirement should not break one’s raison d’être and should instead encourage one to find one’s calling and devote time to it.

Mr Nagpal currently teaches innovation to budding management grads at IIM-A as a visiting faculty member and pursues all his passions religiously.

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