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Creative Cut, 6-7 February, 2016

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Chehre – The Dramatics Club of IMNU came up with what one can call the biggest event witnessed by the college this year. The national level intercollege event required the participants to make short films of up to 12 minutes and compete for the title. The event was prescheduled and supplied the competitors with enough time to make a movie and add masala to it in the form of crisp editing and soulful background scores. Creativity, of all things, was highly appreciated in this event.
Creative Cut had entries from myriad colleges throughout the country, and had fuelled so much enthusiasm amongst the students of IMNU that each class had their own short film submitted. The movies made by the host college were shown on Saturday to an excited audience. The films surpassed expectations by a huge margin and made it really tough for the judges to finalize a winner. In the end, the award for Best Picture went to “Meri Khushi” by The Crusaders. “Pijja” by The Nawaabz bagged the awards for Best Actor and Best Actress, going to Divy Patel and Bhagyashree respectively, who also won Best Scriptwriters tied with Shubham Gupta for “Meri Khushi”. Advit Seth from The Dronas bagged two awards, one each for direction and editing of the movie “The Winner”; Nirali Lakdawala won Best Cinematography for the same.
The second day of the event was even more fun-filled as the national entries were displayed. As a filler, Chehre organized a new form of Housie. Post the airing of about half the movies, there was a comedy performance by The Comedy Factory. The superb comedians made the crowd laugh and raised the temperament to a new level altogether. The intercollege movies notched the competition even higher. “Dhanyawaad” by VIT won Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Cinematographer. Best Director and Best Scriptwriter were won by “Padora’s Vodka”. Best Actress went to “Bitter Half” and Best Editor to “Mr. Anonymous”. The event was a huge success and saw the potential in the youth of India to become filmmakers come out and shine.

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