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NICOM 2016 (Day 2) 8th January, 2016

The first plenary session of Day 2 was presided by Mr. Sanjay Kaul, IAS and Mr. Chirag Dhebar, General Manager & Competency Lead, TCS.

Mr. Sanjay Kaul talked about innovations and start-ups in India. He gave out a different perspective to the topic saying that entrepreneurs take up a business to earn profits whereas start-ups have the fundamental of trying out something new. As education grows, economy improves, and there is more disposable income, an increase in technology and connectivity; creates great opportunities for start-ups. Fast internet penetration in India has been an important source for the start-up culture. India is the fourth fastest growing start-up country in the world, with cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad being its fore-runners.

Mr. Chirag Dhebar talked about Digitalization. He changed the words Digital India to Digit-All-India. He originated the digitization of all things in India, just like Aryabhatta created the number 0 and Bhrahmaputra explained the use of the same. Mr. Dhebar analogized the ancient digitization with the modern day digitalization. He asserted that Indians have not only the correct technology but also value the appropriation of its uses. Sir discussed about the contribution of MBA students to digital india through training and skill building projects. He concluded with the staunch belief that technology is the only choice for us to create a collected knowledge economy through digital India.

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