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NICOM 2016 (Day 1) 7th January, 2016


The 19th Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM), organized by the Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU), commenced at 10:45 am on 7th January, 2016. NICOM has been an annual event at IMNU providing a platform for an interactive discussion between academicians and industry veterans on a plethora of topics under a common theme. The conclave started with a welcome address by Dr. S. Garimella, Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University. Director General, Anup Singh then spoke of ambiguity and uncertainty in this day and age and provided with encouraging words to fight challenges in the face of the same.

The guest of honour Mr. Ramakant Jha addressed the audience by imparting knowledge on how the aspirations of society grow with corresponding growth in various fields. He also discussed about smart cities and the fuelling it provides in the overall development of the 1910545_1025094520883531_7673397578633480370_nnation.

Dr. Ram Shankar Katharia, Minister of State for HRD, the chief guest for the day, then addressed the audience with thanks for the invitation and the chance to impart his wisdom to budding managers. He spoke of how Gujarat has shown commendable development in the past decade and extended the accreditation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The country has come a long way from the poverty and lack of education that it witnessed a few years back, although the issues still exist to quite an extent today.

The post lunch session began with Mr. Dipesh Shah, VP GIFT City and Mr. Shishir Rai, AVP, GIFT City, addressing the students on the topic of “Developing Smart City in India-Experience of GIFT City”. Mr. Rai spoke about how building a smart city needs smart planning. What makes GIFT a smart city is its smart plan and structure. Mr. Shah first defined their concept of GIFT City as smart in terms of economy, mobility, financial services and IT. He went on to elaborate on the features of GIFT City which are many and varied- smart infrastructure, technologically driven, retail and entertainment hubs, fire safety, security, energy management. Mr. Shah ended the session by saying that any vision or concept requires hard work, dedication and perseverance.1914540_1025747047484945_342464294920148592_n

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