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Santa Claus is a Business Graduate.

Tis the season to be jolly.
But there’s one person who’s working extra hard, and that’s Santa Claus. There are a million kids in this world and supposedly one Santa. Clearly, his task is highly challenging. But Mr. Claus ho-ho-ho’s around the world and makes sure everbody get their presents ‘Just-in-time’ for Christmas. Clearly he is the master of lean manufacturing, manufacturing exactly to meet the customer demands.

And have a look at the variable demands. Each kid wants the finest of the toys, and the most unique ones, and Santa’s elves function with interdepartmental conformance. Whether it’s wish identification,  manufacturing, packaging or delivery, there are minimum defects, thanks to Santa’s ‘Green belt’ in Six Sigma.


Of course managing the thousand elves and eight reindeers is a huge deal, especially at the North Pole. Rudolph helps out in the elf-resource department, and compensations are paid in children’s smiles.

Santa has his own exceptional marketing skills. The brand imagery of read suit and white beard has worked well for him, leading to high recognition and recall with the children.

Most importantly, Santa has established excellent international relations, delivering to almost all of 196 countries around the globe.

Santa has mastered the art of management thanks to his faculty at the North Pole. This Christmas let’s learn a lesson or two from our Institute, and try to improve our businesses like Santa’s extraordinary enterprise!

Merry Christmas!

Courtesy:  Radhika Patel, Media Committee 2015-17.

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