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E – Insights Chapter 2 – 10th December, 2015

E – Insights is a series of talk shows with leading entrepreneurs of the industry. The event is presented by Swayam, The Entrepereneurship Club, especially for the ‘futurepreneurs’ of Nirma University. The second chapter of E – Insights took place at 4pm on Thursday, 10th December 2015, with an eminent guests Esha Shah and Rohan Bhatt, founders of the much-famed Facebook page, ‘Foodoholics in Ahmedabad’.


Esha Shah was a powerhouse, as she charged on one question after the other. The vivacious woman started talking about her life and how she broke the stereotypes, and took up a career in HR training. She trained at Future Group and later started freelancing. Their love for food enabled the dynamic duo to establish the Facebook page, and their undying passion and energy pushed the followers from 25 to 250 to 33,000 today!


Esha Shah talked about how they never earn a single paisa from their venture. “We maintain this page for the love of food,” she said. “Any funding taken from restaurants would result in the loss of credibility; and that is the last thing we want of our followers!”

Talking about facing sexism, Shah believed the issue is overhyped. Her conviction was that if you’re straightforward and know when to put your foot down, no one can exploit you.


She advised the futurepreneurs to have passion and conviction for their new ventures, especially when owning cafes. She feels that opening a venture for the money or for the ‘cool’ factor is a disaster-in-the-making.

She ended the session petitioning all students to join her for breaking the Guinness World Record of the World’s Largest Potluck. The talk show created terrific energy in the minds of young students, and inspired them to develop their passion.IMG_8651

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