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Perspective|Richter 10, Day 3, 6th December 2015

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Day three of Perspective Richter10 opened with Biz-Zine, organised by Club Expressions. The event was based on marketing and consisted of two rounds. First round saw the participants design a magazine where they had to choose from amongst 4 themes and make a magazine of minimum 8 pages. The second round was “Mad Ad” in which the teams were given a random product and they had to advertise it with. The winners of the event were “Defenders of IIMA” from IIM Ahmedabad. The event was judged by Professor Khyati Shah and Mr. Mohit Mangal fromIQue Ideas.
Simultaneously, Pratikriti – Photography Club of IMNU conducted their event Pratiti. The event revolved around location based photography. The participants were taken to the old city in Ahmedabad and were asked to take pictures of Jama Masjid and other famous locations. Subsequently, in the final round the qualified teams were given a riddle, the solution of which gave them the theme on which they had to take photographs within the IMNU Campus.
Next up was the final round of Quotient F. the event hosted by Finesse: The Finance Club of IMNU, saw the participants make presentations on a case study they had been handed in the previous round. The case was based on the field of finance and required the participants to mull over a lot of factors to make sure they cover all aspects. The winning team comprised of Faisal and Harshil from N L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research and their batchmates, Varun and Dhruv were the runners up.
The final leg of Bollywood Mashup consisted of two rounds. Round three was script finding where teams were to guess the movie’s name from the presentation given and each extra slide viewed fetched some negative marks. The teams viewing the least number of slides got the maximum marks. Round four was audio indentification where teams were to identify instruments from the audio presented. The winners were Team Airavats from IMNU and team Diamond trading Co. from IIM Ahmedabad.
Another interesting event organised by Swayam Club, the Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU was Start Up in 1M. The basic idea was for the participants to draw a plan about a venture they would like to start within the monetary constraint of a million rupees. The participants were required to present their ideas extensively and the judges questioned and countered correspondingly to check the viability of the business plans. The winning team was Hubbub from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and the runner up was Wishwrap from Welingkar Institute of Management.
Rotaract Club of IMNU (RCIMNU) conducted its national level event ‘Prayaas – The Big Social Idea Contest’. Prayaas was a Social Idea contest where the future entrepreneurs needed to present an idea that would be profitable, social (benefits the society) and realistic. After the first elimination round, 7 teams were selected from all across the nation to present their idea. The event witnessed the creativity and genius at its best, with ideas on how to facilitate milk men to improve their distribution channels by improving the traffic congestion and using the traffic waiting time profitably. The event was judged by Dr.Sapna Choraria, Assistant Professor IMNU and Mr. Kalpesh Ahuja, District Rotaract representive for Rotaract Club. The two hour event concluded with Hridayalya team fromIIT Kharagpur winning the competition and team Krishi Sahayak fromInstitute of Rural Management Anand winning the runners-up prize.

The Perspective Richter10 ended with a bang on Sunday night with a mind-bowing performance by Arun Kamath and band. “Musical Night – Arun Kamath Live in Concert” was organized by the The Cultural Committee, Institute of Management Nirma University. It’s not every day that a rock star graces a B-School with his presence and hence the event proved to be a very delightful change from the other ones more focused on academics. Arun Kamath performed with great versatility, an assortment of songs of various genres. He was very high on energy and could manage the commendable task of increasing the temperament of the entire crowd. The crowd simply loved his covers of “Pichhle Saat Dinno Mein”, “Bang Bang” and “Paradise”. The Coldplay song particularly received an overwhelming response. All in all, it was an excellent end to an already awesome fest.

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