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Perspective|Richter 10, Day 2, 5th December 2015

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Day two of Perspective Richter10 began with Rasprava, organised byImprintz – The HR Club of IMNU. The participants were given a case study which they had to analyse. Their analysis was judged by Professor Sameer Pingle, Professor Reena Shah and Ms. Anubha Jain, an alumnus of IMNU. The Defenders of IIMA from IIM Ahmedabad and The Budweiser Buddies from IIM Indore were declared as winners and runners up respectively.
Simultaneously, Optimus, the Operations Club was conducting its event Lynx III. It was a live case study event pertaining to domain of operations management. The qualified teams were asked to make a presentation of 7-10 minutes. The Team from IIM A – Defenders of IIM-A, were declared winners while the home team of IMNU – Mach1, were declared runners up.
The second event of the day was Bollywood Mashup. It was a bolly-fun event organized by the juniors of Institute of Management, Nirma University. Round 1 of the event consisted of a quiz about Bollywood trivia. In round 2 participants were asked to guess the name of song and movie from a mute video. 15 teams participated out of which 8 were qualified for the next rounds.
Quotient F was organized by Finesse, the finance club of IMNU. The event was divided into two parts. The first part consisted of a small quiz based on IMF and the next part was a crossword based on financial terms. 6 teams qualified for the final round which will be held on the final day of Perspective Richter10.
Post lunch, Media Intelligence 360 degrees organised by the Media Committee had its final round. The qualified participants had to do a case analysis on a social media related case. The teams give their views upon the pros and cons of social media and how even bad publicity can be leveraged to the benefit of a company. The event was judged by Mr. Rahul Bhagchandani, CEO of Youth Connect, Professor Parag Rijwani and Professor Sanjay Jain of IMNU. Team A1 of IMNU were declared as winners and Team B.Pride were declared as runners up.
The final round of Markenova was also held simultaneously and it was based on doing the cinemarketing for a social/corporate issue. Every team were given 8 minutes for presentation. Team from IIM Ahmedabad were the winners of this event.

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The second half of #DayTwo saw the final rounds of various events. The conclusive round of Markenova was based on Cinemarketing for a social/corporate issue. Every team was given 8 minutes for presentation and a 2-minute question answer round. Of the total 9 teams, the runaway winners were ‘The defenders of IIM – A’ from IIM Ahmedabad and runners-up by a close margin were were ‘Dua mein yaad rakhna’ from IMNU.
Next up was Excavate, an event conducted by Clique- The IT Club of IMNU. Excavate focused on data research and analysis. The event was spread over 3 phases, which included data collection, data analysis and finally findings and presentation of data. The judges for the event were Mr. G.C. Patel, a research scientist at Cliantha Research facility, along with Prof. Mahesh KC and Prof. Nityesh Bhatt. The team from Welingkar Institute of Management won the 1st position and the team from IIM Ahmedabad stood at 2nd position.
Cerca Trova was organized by Sumantra – The Literary Club of IMNU. After the first online round and the on campus quizzing round, 6 teams were qualified for this final round, which was a challenging and fun-filled treasure hunt in and around the university campus. This event created a lot of buzz on the campus on a hazy Saturday evening. In the end, it was team Radicals who came with flying colours to win the first prize and team Phoenix won the second prize.
In the evening, Club Fiesta- The Music and Dance Club of IMNUorganized a mesmerizing event called Footloose. The event saw the participants, from within and beyond IMNU, perform a variety of dances of different genres. The main types were group dance and solo dance, which were won by Shaggy from NICMAR,PUNE, and NICMAR,PUNErespectively. The event ended with a fantastic host performance by Club Fiesta- The Music and Dance Club of IMNU.

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