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Deep Pockets – Time to think…!!!

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“Deep Pockets” was the event organized by Fine$$e- The Finance club of IMNU.  The event created quite a buzz as it was held just before the Diwali Break for the students. The event was held on evening of 30th October 2015. The event comprises of mainly 3 rounds. First 2 rounds were a combined one and teams were eliminated only after the second round. The first round was a fun round in which teams were asked to complete ‘SUDOKU’ in the given amount of time. All the students were reminded of their ‘CAT days’ while competing in this round. After the first round, second round was also a lot of fun but it was in concoction with financial knowledge. In this round, students were to use their dumb shell arts to recognize the financial term given to their team mates. The teams which were successful in giving the answer would get the points otherwise the questions were passed on to the next team. The top 5 teams based on the combined scores of both the rounds were qualified for the final round. The final round was basically an idea generation round, in which teams were to present their respective ideas on how to start a Venture Capital. All the teams presented their thoughts on the planning of venture capital after a lot of brainstorming. The round was judged by Prof. Nikunj Patel. In the end, ‘Team Lolenath’ of Rahul and Aaina was declared as the winner of the competition and ‘Team 007’ of Sahil and Aakansha was the first runner up of the event.

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