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Finding Funny

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Finding Funny was a “fun” event organised by Chehre, the dramatics club of IMNU. The first round of the event was held on 26th October in the girls and boys hostels respectively. Round one was designed in the manner of a treasure hunt. Each team had to coordinate with their respective counterparts in the girls/boys hostels. Each team were given a set of clues leading to a specific destination within the hostels and the first clue was given to the boys part of the teams. The clues were essentially related to movies and TV shows and sought to test the participants’ knowledge of the same. Upon successfully cracking the clue and reaching the destination, a Chehre member would pass on the next clue which has to be communicated to the girls waiting in the other hostel. In this manner, four clues had to be deciphered and the top 5 teams which solved all the clues the fastest got selected for round 2.

Round two was held on the next day. The top five teams were shown video clips from famous movies and were asked to enact spoofs of these videos on the spot. This entertaining round brought out the creative bugs in all the participants and there was laughter galore when the enactment was carried out. In the end, team Chacha Chowdhury emerged as the winners and team Pink Panther were declared as runners up.

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