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Chillar Party – 7th October, 2015

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The evening of 7th October began with the merry laughter of innocent children. This laughter and merriment owed itself to the Chillar Party event organised by the Expressions Club of IMNU. The event was meant as a fun occasion for the Saral kids and was a part of the Joy of Giving week.

The event consisted of fun games and competitions which saw participation from the students of IMNU alongside the Saral kids. The first round was the age old spoon and lemon race. The kids had a gala time trying to outrun each other with the spoon in their mouths. The second round required the participants to run a race with a balloon between their legs. The challenge was to win without letting the balloon drop. The third and final round was the well-loved dog and the bone game. Each round had 2 winners and they were given prizes such as tiffin boxes, chocolates and pencil boxes.
In a heart-warming gesture, Expressions distributed a delicious chocolate cake amongst the kids and also gave them a crayon box each.

One of the best parts of the event was that the event was completely funded by money Expressions raised themselves. With this cheerful and uplifting event, Expressions surely sent home a bunch of happy kids that evening.

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