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BizQuiz 2015

Derek O’Brien has said, “”The more you use your knowledge, the more you have it to use”.

Business Quiz is one of the best ways to pit one of the finest minds in Indian B-school. The event was conducted by the official quiz club of IMNU, XQuizit. This was an offline event, open for both first and second year. Total 20 teams participated (each team consists of two members) in prelims rounds 1 and 2 which are written questionnaire.In the first round, teams consisting of two members each were given 20 questions. In the 2nd round, all the teams were given a list of 30 companies and were asked to sort these companies as per their sector. The top 6 teams after the 1st and the 2nd round qualified for the 3rd round.
12079975_956718477709506_1701124651710997819_o The final round was divided into 3 rounds. The 1st round was the visual round where the participants were given a collage of a company, person, place, building, and they had to identify the maximum number of pictures from the collage. In the 2nd round and 3rd round, the contestants were given descriptive questions and were asked to identify X and Y. The teams were given 1 minute to answer each question with passes allowed in 3rdand final round. The finals were fought with immensepassion between the 6 finalists, each of them fighting it out for ultimate supremacy.


In the final round, for every correct answer teams were given +50points while wrong answer carried negative marking of -25 points and +70 points was awarded for answering correctly after the question was passed. In the end the Top 3 teams were given cash vouchers of Rs. 1500, 1000 and 500 respectively by Flipkart.

12138468_956718454376175_475423317390438430_o Champions: Team Shailooz

1st Runner’s up: Lolenaath

2nd Runner’s up: C186J.
( Content Courtesy: Media Committee; Photo Courtesy: XQuizit )

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