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E – Insights Chapter 1 – 8th October, 2015

E – Insights is a series of talk shows with leading entrepreneurs of the industry. The event is presented by Swayam, The Entrepereneurship Club, especially for the ‘futurepreneurs’ of Nirma University.
The first chapter of E – Insights took place at 4pm on Thursday, 8th October 2015, with an eminent guest, Mr. Snehal Desai, Vice President, Adani Group.

Mr. Desai started talking about a roller coaster, that is his life. An MBA in Finance from Gujarat University, Mr. Desai forever  experimented with his jobs and career. He has been a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, visiting faculty at reputed B-schools, a rock musician and a freelance writer at different points of his life.
The witty Mr. Desai commented that every step that made him successful started off as accidents. However, he managed to do excellently at each place due to sheer discipline, excessive hard work and a never-let-go attitude.


Mr. Desai emphasised on executing on ideas without the fear of failing, rather than wasting time on planning. His zest captivated all listeners as he kept giving one eye opening insight after the other.


He explained how social stigma is leading to fresh talent not living upto their aspirations. He did this by explaining C K Prahlad’s theories. He advised us to pursue our dreams even if they didn’t appeal others.  He also pursued us to keep testing the waters to realize our real worth!


Mr. Desai was a bundle of energy as he answered audience questions as well as a ‘Rapid Fire’ round. He believed that to be a successful entrepreneur, one had keep asking oneself, ” What next?” He ended the session with an idea that Steve Jobs and his passion should be a part of curicullum for each MBA college. The talk show created terrific energy in the minds of young students.

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