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Saral’s 6th Anniversary – 2nd October, 2015

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Saral, the NGO of IMNU, celebrated its foundation day on 2nd October, 2015. On this day, way back in 2009, Saral was formed to help the underprivileged children of construction workers living near the institute campus. What started as an evening activity has now graduated to coordinating with parents and schools to support and educate these kids. In addition, the children are given opportunities to perform at events of the institute to improve their skills. Evening activities are specifically planned in order to impart new skills and hone existing ones of the kids. Such activities include revision of school studies as well as lessons on social behavior, hygiene, language, games, craft work, singing, dancing, etc. The joyous occasion was graced by the Saral children, the Saral members including the alumni and an enthusiastic crowd.

The event began with the game of musical chair for the Saral children. The Saral members showed a timeline video which reemphasized how Saral is ever striving to better the future of these children. Thereafter, the kids participated in passing the ball game and also enjoyed the game of basket the ball into the bucket. The children and students sang, danced and enjoyed the evening together, with dance performances by Saral kids. Ambika entertained the kids with her songs while Palash, Akshay and Saumya recited poems for the kids. It was a treat to see the children playing delightfully with the several colourful balloons and later on enjoying the chocolates and goodies. Finally, a big cake was cut and shared by all to symbolize the spirit of ‘sharing and caring’. 3 cycles were distributed to 3 families considering their need by the alumni and chocolates were also distributed in the end to all, ending the celebrations with a photo shoot.

Content Courtesy: Media Committee

Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti

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